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Proposed Rock Island Trail
How would you like to see Missouri add a SECOND cross-state rail trail, similar to our current Katy Trail?  And how about if it the new trail were to cross the Katy Trail, creating the opportunity for a 350+ mile trail loop across Missouri - plus connect directly into the St Louis regional trail system, the Kansas City regional trail system,... (read more)
MoDOT Commission members approved the final Project List today
The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission today approved the final project list for the proposed $5 billion Missouri transportation funding plan. MoDOT Commission members approved the final Project List today The plan is the first in Missouri history to incorporate bicycling, walking, and transit alongside all other transportation... (read more)
MoDOT Moving Forward
On MoDOT's "Moving Forward" page you can view the draft project list and make comments or suggest projects until 5pm today, July 3rd, 2014.  MoDOT Moving Forward Please take time now to make a comment in support of bicycle and pedestrian projects in the proposed $5.4 billion plan.  The comment form is at the bottom of the Moving... (read more)
Rick Beard
After local cyclist Rick Beard was killed in a hit and run collision Friday night, St Louis area cyclists have been meeting, demonstrating, and discussing with the media what needs to be done to make streets safer for people who bicycle and walk.Rick Beard Today St Louis area advocacy group Trailnet released a statement with important information... (read more)
MoDOT is planning how to spend over $5 billion in proposed new funding
For the past several years we have been working to integrate funding for bicycling and walking into Missouri's state transportation funding plan. After fending off a last-minute attempt to removing bicycling from the proposed $6 billion Missouri transportation funding initiative in April, the plan is now set to appear before voters in August.... (read more)
Gathering at the Capitol for our annual Legislators Ride - it really makes a dif
Bicycling and walking incorporated in a statewide transportation funding proposal going before voters. A bid to remove bicycling from the proposal overwhelmingly defeated.  The bicycle ban defeated for the fourth straight year.  A proposal to discourage cities, counties, and state agencies from working with nonprofits on sustainability... (read more)
Our annual Capitol Day helps move policy and funding in support of bicycling, wa
Recently the League of American Bicyclists released its annual Bicycle Friendly States ranking. Missouri is currently ranked at 34th of the 50 states--meaning that we are doing a lot of things right--far more than we were doing 10 or 20 years ago!--but that we also have a lot of work to do to catch up with other states across the nation.Our annual... (read more)
Missouri's massive transportation funding shortfall has been a hot topic of disc
[UPDATE 9 JULY 2014: MoDOT has now announced the final project list for Amendment 7.  It includes MANY bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects. What you can do now: Please mark you calendar for Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 - the day of the statewide election on Amendment 7. This is a primary election, with typically low turnout--so... (read more)
HB 1647 discourages Missouri cities, counties, and government agencies from work
[UPDATE 16 May 2014:  Success! This anti-sustainability bill was stopped this year.  Now the legislative session is over and there is no chance the bill will pass. Many thanks to everyone who contacted their Senator this year - your voice was heard! Now please consider making a donation--small or large--in support of MoBikeFed's... (read more)
Missouri Bicycling Options B