Illinois needs help now getting "Boub" law past Senate committee

The following is from Ed Barsotti, Executive Director of the League of Illinois Bicyclists:
ACTION ALERT - 1 short phone call to help bicycling!

Dear Metro East bicyclists,

Your help is needed now to pass a bill that affects bicycling conditions throughout Illinois. You may know of CBF and LIB's "Boub legislation" from past newsletters, e-mails, etc. We have new bills this year. House Bill 1248 and Senate Bill 275 would correct the negative impacts of the 1998 Illinois Supreme Court Boub vs. Wayne decision, which has been a disaster for on-road cycling in the state. Until the bill gets passed:

· Towns that want to improve on-road bike safety through signage or bike lanes are penalized with liability, towns that do nothing get immunity;

· Bicyclists do not have any liability protection, as motorcyclists and motorists do, and bicyclists in other states do;

· Long-distance bikeways like the Grand Illinois Trail and Mississippi River Trail, and MANY other local plans, are being stalled;

· We're the only state with this bizarre and powerful disincentive for improving bike safety.

Last week, our House bill won an impressive 13-4-1 victory in the House Judiciary Committee - thanks to lots of calls and faxes from cyclists which swung a number of the votes. Rep. Jay Hoffman was a big supporter.

THIS WEDNESDAY the 26th, we face our toughest test, in Senate committee. There are TWO key committee members from your part of Illinois. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Those opposed to the bill have mobilized and become very vocal after our House victory. If you live in the following towns, please call BEFORE THIS TUESDAY (the 25th):

Senator William R. Haine 618-465-4764 (Fax number 618-465-4816): Most or all of Alton, Collinsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, Edwardsville, Wood River, Roxana, East Alton, Madison, Maryville; north and east Fairview Heights; south Godfrey; north and east Granite City; west O'Fallon.

Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr. 618-875-1212 (Fax number 618-274-3010): Most or all of East St. Louis, Caseyville, Belleville, Shiloh, Centreville; south Granite City; west and south Fairview Heights; south O'Fallon; west Mascoutah; north Millstadt, east Cahokia.

[If you're unsure, check If you have a different senator (not on the committee), a call there would be helpful, too.]

Identify yourself as a bicyclist in the district and ask for support of SB275. Use the points above if you wish. It's fine to call and leave a message (or fax) during the weekend or evenings.

Please make this very short call and forward this to your biking friends. The voices of individual bicyclists are very important in passing the bill, just as this bill is critical to improving bicycling in the state. THANKS!

Ed Barsotti, Executive Director
League of Illinois Bicyclists
2550 Cheshire Dr.
Aurora, IL 60504