BLOS 2.0 explanation and formulas--"Widespread application of the original form of the Bicycle LOS Model throughout the United States has provided several refinements. Application of the Bicycle LOS Model in the rural areas surrounding the greater Buffalo, New York region resulted in refinements to the "low traffic volume roadway width adjustment". In 1996, application of the Bicycle LOS Model in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia, PA resulted in the final definition of the three effective width cases for evaluating roadways with on-street parking. Recently, in 1997 during the Model 's statewide application in Delaware, an enhanced quantification was made to capture the effects of high speed truck traffic. As a result, Version 2.0 has the highest correlation coefficient (R2= 0.77) of any form of the Bicycle LOS Model 2 and it quantifies virtually every possible roadway condition . . ."

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