Ride your bike to Earth Day and get the royal treatment

Valet Bike Parking at Earth Day in St. Louis

On Sunday, April 27, 2003, if you ride your bike to the Earth Day festivities in Forest Park at the Muny you'll be treated like royalty. While motorists are sitting in traffic jams and searching for parking spaces, cyclists will be able to ride up to the festival, get their tires inflated or other minor repairs from a mobile repair unit courtesy of Bicycle Zone, and park their bikes at the front of the Muny worry-and-cost-free courtesy of The St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation (Bike Fed).

Bob Foster, chair of the Bike Fed, said, "Encouraging people to ride their bikes rather than drive their cars to the Earth Day Celebration in Forest Park is a way to promote cycling as a form of transportation. Not only is it a fun way to get exercise, but you help the environment too."

Cyclists are also encouraged to ride Metrolink, which has stops every 15 minutes on Sunday, and then bike from the Forest Park stop to the Muny.

A non-profit, all-volunteer organization, The St. Louis Regional Bike Federation shares a vision of a bike-friendly region. Its vision includes, but is not limited to the ideals of: bicyclists have a right to safe, well-planned roadways; proper equipment and training is important to safe riding; and education of cyclists and motorists is needed.

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