Hannibal & St. Joseph pilot "Walk Missouri Campaign"

Hannibal and St. Joseph are piloting a new campaign designed to get more Missourians out walking and generally being more physically active. The campaign includes radio, billboard, newspaper, and TV advertising as well as special events to encourage people to get out and walk.

According to an article in the St. Joseph News-Press:
Heart disease, cancer and strokes account for 64 percent of the deaths in Buchanan County, said Stephanie Malita of the St. Joseph-Buchanan County Health Department. Even more alarming is the fact that 2,200 local residents are hospitalized each year with the same chronic diseases, she said.

Additionally, one in three residents in the county don’t participate in any physical activity, Ms. Malita said.

The Hannibal Courier Post covered the "Walk Missouri" campaign, as well.

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