Kansas City's Ride of Silence in infoZine

Kansas City InfoZine's Richard Greene, who participated in the Kansas City Ride of Silence, wrote a long article in infoZine about the ride and the thoughts it brought him:
We converged on Brookside for the seven o'clock start. Friends meeting up and new acquaintances being met. Some had known, been friends with or rode with people that had been killed. Some had been injured themselves while riding a bicycle. . . .

I'm heading out right now for a bike ride after this is posted. If you're a motorist, please give me that extra foot or two as you pass. I promise to let you know if I intend to stop or turn. Lets' both be extra careful and lookout for those pedestrians.
The Ride of Silence was May 19th in over 50 locations across the U.S. and Canada, including four locations in Missouri. In Dallas, where the Ride originated in 2003, over 2500 bicyclists participated this year. The Dallas News had a substantial article about the Ride:
When Garland's Chris Phelan organized the Ride of Silence last year, safety advocacy wasn't his inspiration. Instead, he simply wanted to honor the memory of friend Larry Schwartz, who died in May 2003 after his head hit a school bus mirror while he was riding.

Mr. Phelan sent a few e-mails after Mr. Schwartz's funeral and, less than two weeks later, more than 1,000 riders showed up at White Rock Lake.

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