Mean Streets: Missouri has 80 pedestrian fatalities in 2003, 6.9% of total

The Mean Streets 2004 report was released this week. A summary for Missouri:

2002 pedestrian fatalities: 88

2003 pedestrian fatalities: 80

Avg. annual ped. fatality rate per 100,000 residents: 1.48

Percent of all traffic deaths that were pedestrians: 6.9%

Portion of all federal transportation funds spent on pedestrian/bicycle projects: 1.4%

Amount spent per person on pedestrian/bicycle facilities and safety: $1.52

"Wth creativity, innovation and tenacity every community can dramatically increase the safety of pedestrians," said
Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, whose efforts have cut pedestrian deaths in Salt Lake City by almost half since 1994-95.

What political leader is willing to step forward and make this happen in Missouri?

In that same period (1994-present), the pedestrian danger index has increased in both Kansas City and St. Louis. Kansas City now ranks as the 15th most dangerous large metro area in the U.S. for pedestrians, and St. Louis ranks as 17th.

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