League of American Bicyclists encourages bicyclists to support a bicycle friendly America

The League of American Bicyclists exists to promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and works through advocacy and education to create a bicycle-friendly America. They accomplish this by representing the interests of the nation's 57 million cyclists. They have a current membership of 300,000 affiliated cyclists, including 40,000 individuals and 600 affiliated organizations, the League works to bring better bicycling to all communities.

The League was founded as the League of American Wheelmen in 1880. Bicyclists, known then as "wheelmen", were challenged by rutted roads of gravel and dirt and faced antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers, and pedestrians.

In an effort to improve riding conditions so they might better enjoy their newly discovered sport, over 100,000 cyclists from across the United States joined the League to advocate for paved roads. The success of the League in its first advocacy efforts ultimately led to our national highway system.

Today, joining the League is a critical first step in creating a bicycle-friendly America. Along with the good feeling you'll get knowing your supporting the organization that supports your rights to safe and enjoyable cycling you will receive a subscription to Bicycling magazine, discounts and special offers on travel, cycling products, and more. You'll also get the League's Annual Almanac of Cycling, Tourfinder & Ride Guide, the League's magazine covering the world of cycling, the Bikes Fly Free program (when you book your travel through the League's travel agency) and discount prices at League events, including our National Rally of Cyclists.

You can join today at www.bikeleague.org or by phone at (202) 822-1333.

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