Katy Bridge at Boonville supporters lose key battle

It looks like the MO Department of Natural Resources has decided to allow the Boonville Bridge to revert to the railroad--which is planning to move it to another location for continued use as a railroad bridge.

Please note that this is NOT a disastrous move for the Katy Trail by any means--there is already a bridge in place for Katy Trail use in Boonville.

However, Boonville area supporters had hoped that a re-constituted bridge would be a tourist attraction and would serve, in a sense, as a centerpiece of the Katy Trail.

Supporters are still working to save the Boonville Bridge, but it now seems that their options are very, very limited.

From the Columbia Tribune:

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has reversed a decision by its former director to preserve a 72-year-old rail bridge over the Missouri River in Boonville.

Mike Wells, deputy director of DNR, said today that his department cannot afford the more than $2 million in estimated costs needed to restore the lift bridge and turn it into part of the cross-state Katy trail. Consequently, the state has asked Union Pacific Railroad to resume liability for the bridge.
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