Effort to save Katy bridge at Boonville intensifies

Local citizens have intensified and effort to save the Katy railroad bridge at Boonville for use as a bike/ped bridge over the Missouri River, part of the Katy Trail.

Citizen groups had asked Governor Blunt to help them resolve the legal issues in the case in favor of saving the bridge. But according to a Boonville Daily News article:
Spence Jackson, a spokesperson for Blunt called Boonville Mayor Danielle Blanck, Friday, April 22, at 5:55 p.m., as a "courtesy call," to advise the mayor that Blunt had agreed to allow Union Pacific to demolish the bridge.

Deputy Director Mike Wells echoed the governor's position in a press release the following Monday, when he said the department could not afford the estimated $2 million needed to restore the lift bridge. Wells said DNR was giving the bridge back to Union Pacific.

Since then efforts to preserve the historic bridge have intensified and gained strength and momentum.

On Monday, the city approved a resolution to designate the MK&T; railroad bridge as a Boonville historic landmark. The designation includes certain limitations which the city believes will allow them to deny contractors the necessary permits for demolition.
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