Much of economic success of Rocheport, MO, due to Katy Trail

A Columbia Missourian article about Rocheport River Days tells how the Katy Trail contributes to the town's economic success:
“We get people from all over the world. I don’t know how they end up here, it’s truly amazing,” said Larry Horning, a cafe and bike shop owner.

The town is alive with shops, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants.

“The town is doing well because of the merchants and the enthusiasm,” shop owner Richard Saunders said. He singled out contributions from Friends of Rocheport, the town council and the Rocheport Area Merchants Association.

Saunders explained that another part of this success comes from repeat visitors.

Half the people who stay at the Yates House Bed and Breakfast are regulars, owner Conrad Yates said.

Rocheport has seen an increase in visitors in the past 12 to 15 years, and Friedemann gives some of the credit to the Katy Trail, which runs through town.

“I strongly believe that the trail is a great aspect of this community today,” Friedemann said. “Fifty percent of people who are visiting this town in May through October are riding on the trail.”

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