Rep. Sutherland introduces bill to encourge more trails in MO state parks

Rep. Mike Sutherland, one of the strongest supporters of bicycling in the Missouri legislature, has introduced a bill to encourage building of trails within Missouri state parks.

Missouri Bicycle Federation lobbyist Jim Farrell testified in favor of the bill in a hearing before the yesterday. There was no opposition to the bill at the hearing.

Other mountain biking and trails advocates were there and also testified in support.

If passed, the bill will make it easier for groups that build trails, like EarthRiders, GORC, the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), and other trail-building organizations, to work with Missouri State Parks to build and maintain trails.

The bill modifies current Missouri law in a common sense way. Current law says that each park may have a specific non-profit organization dedicated solely to helping operate that park.

Rep. Sutherland's amendment allows one organization to help across several (or all) Missouri parks and allows expands the scope of the allowed activities to include trail building.

In short, it allows organizations like GORC, EarthRiders, and IMBA to work with the Missouri Parks to build trails of all types.

If you would like to express your support of this bill, please email or call Rep. Sutherland's office:

Representative Mike Sutherland
573-751-2689 (Capitol office)
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