Man walks 30 miles across KC metro area

Blogger ScooterJ walked 30 miles across the entire Kansas City metro area in the space of 12 hours, taking photos along the way. Some of his comments:

I reached North Oak at 96th Street, begining the first really long straight segment. I was surprised to see other people out walking. . . .
A photo of a well-worn footpath heading up to the Heart of America Bridge.

If MODOT doesn't think there's demand for a safe pedestrian/bicycle path across the Missouri River, they need to see this photo.

Though I was in pain and knew that I had blisters, as long as my goals were ahead of me I kept going forward like nothing was wrong. So it came as a total shock to me what happened as soon as I crossed my self-imposed finish line and got into the vehicle waiting for me on the other side. A wave of pain came over me, and I found myself struggling to take even the smallest of steps. . . .
Read the full story and see ScooterJ's photos here.

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