Boonville Bridge case moving through court system; bridge on endangered historic places list

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon sent this release today:
The Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation this month released its list of the state's 10 most endangered places for 2007. The list includes old homes, courthouses, a train depot, and - for the third straight year - the MKT rail bridge in Boonville.

The historic bridge is on the list because of plans by the Union Pacific Railroad to demolish it. Those plans have received the approval of the Blunt Administration, but have been challenged by Attorney General Nixon.

Our efforts to preserve this treasured historic structure continue. Last month, we argued our case before the Missouri Court of Appeals in Kansas City. The case is now being considered by the Court, and we await its decision.
As you can tell from the tone of the Attorney General's release, the entire issue of the Boonville Bridge, the Katy Trail, and the Katy Trail Connection to Kansas City has become very politicized.

Much of the reason is because Nixon is running against current Governor Matt Blunt in the next election for Missouri governor. Many observers believe that the Boonville Bridge and the Katy Trail Connection to Kansas City have both become wedge issues that the candidates have used to make a political point or deny the other candidate a victory.

We are currently encouraging the Attorney General and the Governor to work together to complete the Katy Trail from state line to state line. It will take both of them working together to get it done. Please take two minutes and send them both a message.

Nevertheless, even though Katy Trail users do not now use the Boonville Bridge to cross the Missouri River (and may never do so), the Boonville Bridge is important for preserving the legal status of the entire Katy Trail.

Read more about the Boonville Bridge and why its fate may affect the entire Katy Trail.

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