Team Discovery to race in Tour of Missouri

According to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story:
The most recognizable team in international cycling is the first to sign on for the inaugural Tour of Missouri.

The Discovery Channel cycling team, for which Lance Armstrong rode to seven consecutive victories in the Tour de France, will participate in the race, which begins Sept. 11 in Kansas City and ends Sept. 16 in St. Louis.

Discovery's commitment is significant, given the uncertain climate in cycling. A spate of doping allegations has led to jittery investors and the cancellation of the Tour of Utah and the Tour de Montreal-Boston.

"Missouri has hung in there when other events haven't," said Steve Brunner, marketing director of the Tour of Missouri. "Once you get a team like Discovery, a lot can fall into place. Getting Discovery proves that the event can be all that we hope."

Since his retirement, Armstrong has remained involved with the team as an owner. His continued presence, combined with the team's success in major races, should bring added fan interest and sponsorship opportunities.

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