3 DEC 2007: Katy Trail Connection Public Comment Period

The settlement between the state of Missouri and AmerenUE on damages for the Taum Sauk disaster includes an agreement for the most problematic connection needed to "complete the Katy Trail"--the 46-mile section of the Rock Island Railroad between Windsor and Pleasant Hill.

Over 5000 Missourians wrote the Department of Natural Resources and the Attorney General in support of the Katy Trail Connection.

Now they need to hear from us again during a 30-day public comment period before a judge issues a ruling approving or disapproving the proposed agreement.

Comments need not be long, but you should include your name and address as well as a statement that you support including the Katy Trail Connection in the Taum Sauk settlement.

Contact information:

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Division of State Parks
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102


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