How the MoBikeFed Advocacy Events program helps Missouri rides and events

Now is the time of year when events sign up as MoBikeFed Advocacy Events--events that support bicycling in Missouri by donating $1/participant to the Missouri Bicycle Federation.

MoBikeFed's Advocacy Events Program is

* a cost-effective way to reach tens and even hundreds of thousands of Missouri bicyclists with information about your event

* a way to build credibility with bicyclists in Missouri by giving back to the community that gives to you

* a way for MoBikeFed to give back to you--if you're already considering a donation to MoBikeFed this year, promoting one (or more) of your events as MoBikeFed Advocacy Events is a great way to get a tangible benefit in return for your donation

* already helping several premier events in Missouri: MS Bike Ride (Kansas City Ride), Tour de Vine, Tour of the Ozarks, the Meramec Wine Country Bike Ride, the AIDS Bicycle Challenge, BikeMO, and others

See a detailed list of benefits of the MoBikeFed Advocacy Events program--and sign your event up--here.

Or download and print this Advocacy Events program application and explanation of benefits.

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