Jessica Terrell, former Missouri Trails Coordinator, 1977-2008

Jessica Terrell
It is with great sadness we report that former Missouri Trails Coordinator Jessica Terrell was killed in an automobile collision in the four corners region of New Mexico January 9th, 2008.

Terrell was driving to San Juan county to conduct a trails training session when her pickup spun out of control and was hit by a semi-truck. Windy, freezing weather was implicated in the crash.

Jessica worked for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for several years as statewide trails coordinator. She also served on MoDOT's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. She was a good friend and an avid supporter and user of trails in Missouri and around the country.

Jessica's former co-workers at the The Missouri DNR held a memorial service for her January 17th. Jim Yancey of the DNR is collecting letters to Jessica's family to include in a memory book. Anyone who knew Jessica and would like to write a note to be included in this book, please send it to jim.yancey [at] as soon as possible.

Jessica's parents Judy and Charles Terrell and brother Chad are all from Wilmington, OH.

New Mexico State Parks (PDF):
Jessica Terrell, an employee of the New Mexico State Parks Division, was killed in a car accident on U.S. 550 Jan. 9.

Ms. Terrell, 30, was the State Trail Coordinator for New Mexico State Parks and had been employed by the State Parks Division since January 2006. Ms. Terrell previously was the state trail coordinator for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of State Parks. She was a native of Ohio.

“This horrible tragedy took a wonderful person from us,” said State Park Director Dave Simon. “Jessica was a fantastic person much loved by her family, friends, and colleagues. She was a talented, dedicated professional who loved trails and she was doing great work. Her family at State Parks will never forget Jessica and all her efforts.”
The Daily Times:
San Juan County Sheriff's Capt. Jim Smith said her vehicle spun into the opposite lane, into the path of a southbound semi truck driven by James Campbell, 43, that was pulling double trailers.

Cambell told police he slowed down and moved to the right when he saw headlights and taillights spinning down the road toward him, but was unable to avoid the collision. He sustained injuries to his left shoulder and knee.

Terrell, an Ohio native, had worked for New Mexico State Parks since January 2006 trying to make the state a better place for its residents.

"She was not just a trails person, she wanted to create trails for all kinds of people," Simon said. "She was destined to take our trails program to new heights."

Most recently Terrell was involved with the Rio Grande Trail, a multi-use trail system leading down as much of the state's longest river as is possible.

"She had experience establishing similar, long-distance trails in Missouri," Simon recalled. "To see someone cut down in the prime of her life is a tragedy. We will honor her legacy in every way we can."
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