Profile of KS bicycle racer Steve Tilford

This week's Pitch Weekly has a fascinating profile of pro bicycle racer Steve Tilford--one of the very few pro bicycle racers who lives in Topeka, Kansas:
Acting as his own doctor or sewing up a minced dog leg on a Friday afternoon isn't what makes Steve Tilford eccentric, though. He's a Kansan who has spent 30 years at the top of a sport first elevated by Europeans. Next month, he'll turn 49 years old, but he's still pounding away in a profession that spits out even its most dedicated by the time they're in their late 30s.

. . . a handful of athletes who have passed age 40 still race in a few "masters" events each year. Some of them still have the stamina to train hundreds of miles a week and impress their local baristas when they commute 30 miles on two wheels for a cup of coffee. But there are no full-time elite riders pushing 50, no cyclists still traveling around the country every weekend racing bicycles to make a living.

Except Tilford.
Read the rest of Pitch Weekly's profile here.

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