Racing from Canada to Mexico in support of research on a rare disease

June 12, 2009 Steve Thunder McGuire will be at the starting gate with 32 other bike racing contestants.On the other side of the starting line stretches 2,745 miles of race trail that will take him across the Continental Divide seven times and up an incline rise equal to going from sea level to the top of Mt. Everest seven times. His incentive on this grueling race from Banff, Canada to the New Mexico/Mexico border is to have every mile sponsored so he can be part of finding a treatment for Dense Deposit Disease, also known as MPGN2, a rare kidney disease that affects one of his students.
You can find out more about the ride or make a donation at the DivideITT web site.

The funds raised go directly to Kidneeds, a non-profit that dedicates 100% of its donations (ie no overhead or administrative costs at all) directly to medical research towards understanding and finding a cure for this kidney disease that most often strikes children and those in their early to mid teens.

Most often DDD leads to kidney failure within 5-10 years but the research funded by donations to Kidneeds has made considerable progress towards understanding and treating the disease in just 10 years.

(On a personal note, I was diagnosed with DDD at the age of 18 but--so far--have been one of the lucky minority in whom the disease settled down to a steady state rather than progressing to kidney failure as it does in most cases.)

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