MoBikeFed membership drive--278/500 and moving!

Rep. John Burnett rides with MoBikeFed on its annual Katy Trail Ride with Legislators
Many, many thanks to the many of you who have joined, renewed, or made a donation towards MoBikeFed's Fall Membership Drive.

As you know, members like you are the power behind better, safer bicycling and walking in Missouri.

And together we are making a real difference in building more, better, safer places to walk and bicycle and to promote more healthy bicycling and walking across Missouri.

Our goal is 500 new or renewing MoBikeFed members by November 10th, and today we reached an important milestone--we're more than halfway there!

The official tally is 278 new/renewing members.

The good news is, our treasurer Fred Schmidt is working his way through a very large pile of new mail right now.

(Large enough that it took us two hours just to open, unfold, and sort--and Fred has received another batch of mail since then.)

So "officially" we are at 278 new/renewing members entered into our membership database, but I believe that we are at or very close to 400 new/renewing members based on the mail we have received (but not processed yet).

Regardless, we are very, very close to reaching our membership goal of 500--which means we will be able to end 2009 on a strong note and be well positioned to work on several important initiatives as the 2010 legislative session gets started.

So to all of you who have sent in a membership or donation recently--THANK YOU!

And if you have been thinking about sending in your membership or donation--NOW IS THE TIME!

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