Support Jefferson City's proposed bike/ped bridge over the Missouri River

MoDOT is asking for public comment on the proposed bike/ped bridge over the Missouri River in Jefferson City.
Even a short note saying you support the project would help a lot!

Email by Monday, January 4th.

MoDOT has put online materials from the recent public meeting about the bridge attachment. You can see the plans and visualizations of the proposed path.

The path has been over ten years in the works. And if you have ever wanted to bicycle or walk from the Katy Trail across the river to Jefferson City, where all hotels, restaurants, and other services are located, you know it is very much needed and will be very well used.

Creating safe ways for bicyclists and pedestrians to cross major barriers like the Missouri River and connecting Missouri communities to the Katy Trail network are two of the major goals in MoBikeFed's Vision of Bicycling and Walking in Missouri.


Proposed bike/ped path over the Missouri River at Jefferson City

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