Have your mayor or city council officially declare International Walk to School Day, October 5th, or October as Walk to School Month

Walk to School Day
Walk to School Day
International Walk to School Day is October 5th, 2011, and Walk to School Month is the entire month of October. You can have your own local Walk to School Day any time during October (or really--any time you like!).

A simple way you can help promote Walk to School Day in your community is by asking your local mayor, city council, county council, or school board to officially declare Walk to School Day by a resolution or proclamation.

Just contact your city council representative or mayor and ask--the following samples make it easy:

Text of sample proclamation:

International Walk to School Day Proclamation

Whereas, Whereas the National Safe Routes to School Partnership, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, the Missouri Safe Routes to School Network, and over 75 organizations and agencies across the state affiliated with the Network are working together to promote Walk to School Day in Missouri,

Whereas, the health and safety of our children is of highest concern to the citizens of Missouri; and

Whereas, a lack of physical activity plays a leading role in rising rates of obesity, diabetes and other health problems among children and being able to walk or bicycle to school offers an opportunity to build activity into daily routine.

Whereas, driving students to school by private vehicle contributes to traffic congestion and air pollution, creating over 25% of community traffic at the beginning and end of each school day; and 

Whereas, an important role for parents and caregivers is to teach children about pedestrian safety and become aware of the difficulties and dangers that children face on their trip to school each day and the health and environmental risks related to physical inactivity and air pollution.

Whereas, community members and leaders should make a plan to make immediate changes to enable Missouri’s children to safely walk and bicycle in our communities and develop a list of suggestions for improvements that can be done over time.

Whereas, children, parents and community leaders around the world are joining together to walk to school and evaluate walking and bicycling conditions in their communities.

Whereas,  Walk and Bicycle to School Month in October and  Walk and Bicycle to School Week the first week in October have proven to be helpful in encouraging children to safely walk and bicycle to school and in creating and promoting local Safe Route to Schools programs across the United States and throughout the world.

Whereasthe General Assembly of the state of Missouri has passed and the Governor of Missouri has signed an act setting apart October as Walk to School Month and the first Wednesday of October as Walk to School Day, "to improve the safety of students walking and bicycling to school, encourage more children to safely walk and bicycle to school, and promote the benefits of walking and cycling to school, including physical activity and better student health and physical fitness, improved academics, reduced congestion and pollution, and more livable communities":

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved that I, (Name, Title of Official), proclaim the month of October 2010 as Walk and Bicycle to School Month and proclaim October 6, 2010, "International Walk to School Day" in Missouri, urge all students, parents, teachers, administrators, schools, and school districts in (name of your city or area) to participate in these events, and encourage everyone to consider the safety and health of children this month and every month


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