2012 Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform announced; organizations requested to endorse the 2012 Platform

After months of work and deliberation by our Legislative Committee and Board of Directors, and much feedback  from our members and bicyclists and pedestrians from around Missouri, today we are announcing the 2012 Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform and asking organizations from across the state to endorse the platform.

Details about the platform and endorsement request are below and also available in printable PDF format.

We are holding a teleconference with our Legislative Committee to field questions about the Platform, clarify any issues, and take feedback about the Platform and priorities:

Legislative Platform Teleconference
Friday, November 11th, 10am-11am

Call-in info:

Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3300
Participant Access Code: 728255# 


Endorsements of 2012 Legislative Platform Requested

The Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform for 2012 was created through a collaborative process of our legislative committee and board, surveys and feedback from bicyclists and pedestrians from across Missouri, and discussions with partner organizations from across Missouri.

We are now asking organizations from across Missouri to endorse the 2012 legislative platform--or those elements that organizations can, under their mission, endorse--by a written statement.  Those endorsements will help us generate support for moving these issues forward in the 2012 Missouri General Assembly.

Endorsements are due by December 6th, 2011 and may be emailed to director@mobikefed.org  or mailed to PO Box 108471, Jefferson City, MO 65110.

We are also interested in your ideas and feedback--what issues or proposals should we include in this and future legislative platforms?

2012 Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform

 * Safe Streets:
When unsafe drivers injure or kill bicyclists or pedestrians, current law allows prosecutors to bring charges for trivial traffic infractions or serious (but difficult-to-prove) felony charges.  We propose an intermediate step that will get unsafe drivers off the road, be easier to prosecute, and have more severe and appropriate penalties than minor traffic infractions. The bill may include these elements:

  - Provisions based on existing "move over for emergency vehicles" legislation (would require motorists to move over or slow down when encountering a bicyclist or pedestrian).

 - Provisions based on existing "construction work zone" legislation, which include increased fines/penalties/driver license points for striking a bicyclist or pedestrian.

 * Anti-Bicyclist and Pedestrian Harassment: Bicyclist and pedestrian harassment bill, possibly based on those in SC, CO, and/or Columbia, MO: "unlawful to harass, taunt, or maliciously throw an object at or in the direction of any person riding a bicycle." SC has penalties of $200 up to prison time.  Bicyclist harassment by motorists is a major impediment to bicycling.  Many bicyclists are intimidated. Pedestrian harassment is also a problem. Laws limiting harassment of hunters could be used as a model.

 * Complete Streets: Build in the success of the 2011 Complete Streets Resolution by working for the adoption of statewide, regional, and local Complete Streets policies. Complete Streets policies encourage cities, counties, planning organizations, and MoDOT to incorporate planning for pedestrians, bicyclists, old and young users, people with disabilities, transit users, and motor vehicle drivers into the design and construction of all transportation projects (see completestreets.org and the Missouri Complete Streets center).  2011 Resolution as adopted: HCR 23 (Rep. Sally Faith)

 * Safe Passing: Fix technical issues with safe passing of bicycles provision. Include safe passing of pedestrian provision. Expand protection to include passing bicyclists when they are operating on the shoulder.  Consider increasing penalties and including 4-foot minimum passing distance. 307.191 4. The intent of this section and section 307.190  is to facilitate the overtaking of slowly moving vehicles by faster moving vehicles. Might also include some other technical corrections such as bicycle box & bike/bus lane language.

 * Greenway/Trails Districts: Enabling legislation for multi-county greenway districts (parks/trails/greenways/bikeways). This legislation will allow one or several counties to create a greenway district which could raise funds to build greenways and trails in the district. This exists in the St. Louis region as Great Rivers Greenway District; the Kansas City region is proposing a similar district and other areas of the state are interested as well.  The multi-county districts require state enabling legislation and then a vote by the citizens of each county.

 * Anti-Texting: Expand the current ban on texting while driving from young drivers to all drivers.

Sample endorsement letter

To whom it may concern:

[Name of organization] fully supports and endorses the 2012 Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform, including Safe Streets, Anti-Harassment, Complete Streets, Safe Passing, Greenway/Trails Districts, and Anti-Texting proposals.

This endorsement has been approved by the [board, committee, or other approval body or procedure] on the [day and date].

Sincerely yours,


If some elements of the platform fall outside your organization's mission, you can endorse those elements you can support by using a statement like this:

[Name of organization] fully supports and endorses these elements of the 2012 Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Legislative Platform: Safe Streets, Anti-Harassment, Complete Streets, and Safe Passing.


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