Better Block Project in Ferguson, MO

Ferguson, MO created a better block on South Florissant Road for one day following the model of the nationwide Better Block Project. Using pop-up businesses, streetscape improvements and outdoor dining and entertainment, the public envisioned how much better the block could be and provided feedback to guide permanent change.

(View the video on Youtube here.)

Find out more about Better Block projects on the web site.  These projects are a great way to show how our run-down and automobile-dominated areas and by transformed using Complete Streeets principles, bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, and livability guidelines:

The "Better Block" project is a demonstration tool that temporarily revisions an area to show the potential to create a great walkable, vibrant neighborhood center. The project acts as a living charrette so that communities can actively engage in the "complete streets" buildout process and develop pop-up businesses to show the potential for revitalized economic activity in an area. Better Blocks are now being performed throughout the country, and have helped cities rapidly implement infrastructure and policy changes. This site is dedicated to providing news, information, and utilities to help cities develop their own Better Block projects and to create a resource for best practices.


MoBikeFed is working to make every community and every neighborhood in Missouri a "Better Block".  But we need your membership and your support to make it happen.

We're looking for 500 new/renewing members by January 31st.  Please join, renew, or make a donation to help us get there!

When we work together for better, safer, more livable, more walkable, and more bikeable communities, we really can make a difference.

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