President & First Lady walk down Pennsylvania Ave Bike Lane

The bike lane installed on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC in 2010--symbolically connecting the White House and Capitol Building, and part of Washington, DC's growing bicycle infrastructure--became part of the presidential inauguration Monday.

The President and First Lady walked part of the Inauguration Day Parade--right down the middle of the bike lanes.

Transportation Nation writes:

[T]he District’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) couldn’t have been happier.

“See that?! See that?! NO, not that great coat, the bike lanes!!!” the agency tweeted, referring to a photo of the First Couple walking on the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes.

The photo, which was circulated by the First Lady’s Twitter account, quickly made waves among bike advocates.

“Obama Becomes First Prez to Walk Down a Bike Lane on Inauguration Day,” read a Streetsfilms headline.

ABC News video:

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