THANK YOU - You submitted 767 important bicycle, pedestrian, and trails transportation needs to MoDOT via our online form

Huge thank you everyone from every part of Missouri who submitted your most vital bicycle & pedestrian transportation needs to MoDOT's On the Move planning staff through MoBikeFed's online form.

  • Missing sidewalks
  • Roads that need shoulders 
  • Intersections that need crosswalks
  • Bridges, overpasses, and underpasses that need safe bike/ped access
  • Needed trails and other bike/ped connections
  • Places that need better, safer bike/ped access or connectivity
  • Much more!

People from all around Missouri submitted no fewer than 676 bicycle and pedestrian transportation needs to MoDOT via MoBikeFed's online suggestion form.  We've submitted all your suggestions to MoDOT's Missouri On the Move staff.

Later this year we should see the draft MoDOT long-range plan and project list that will result--the first MoDOT statewide plan EVER in the history of Missouri to fully integrate bicycle, pedestrian, trails, transit, and other multi-modal transportation needs into MoDOT's plan.

We combined  your suggestions, made April-June this year, with over 250 suggestions made by our members and supporters for the High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA List in 2009-2010

Of that list, no less than 22 have been funded or constructed as of today--representing over $20 million of vital bike, ped, and ADA projects undertaken by MoDOT at your suggestion.  

We expect similar positive results and responsiveness from MoDOT from your current list of suggestions.


If you have a project or transportation need in mind, we have closed our online form.  Please submit any project ideas or needs directly to MoDOT's Missouri On the Move project suggestion form here.

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