Summer membership drive - the results

A HUGE thank has to go to our wonderful members and supporters at the end of our Summer Membership Drive.

Every year we set the bar high--and I spend weeks and months wondering if we can possibly reach our goal by the deadline.

But thanks to you--we did it.  We more than did it--we exceeded it! 

Missouri Delegation at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC
Missouri Delegation at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC

This year our goal was 300 new/renewing members by October 1st.  We knew if we reached this, we would also reach a record high number of total members.

So here are the results.

Summer Membership Drive

Goal: 300 new/renewing members this summer through October 1st

Achieved: 395 new/renewing members by October 1st - with more still coming in via mail


Total Members Active in a 12-month Period

September 2007: 1087 members

Previous maximum (June 2011): 1688 members

Current: 2117 members

So a huge thank you has to go to our wonderful new, renewing, and old members.  

Your membership and support--whether $10 a year, or $50, or $100, or $500--makes happen

Why MoBikeFed is a membership-based organization

We have deliberately built MoBikeFed over the years as a member-based organization.  Not all advocacy organizations, and not all bicycle and pedestrian organizations do that--and those organizations have their own good reasons for operating the way that they do.

But from our point of view, here is what being membership based does for the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation:

  • It keeps us close to, and responsive to, and listening to, the people the Federation is supposed to represent.
  • It keeps us from being beholden to just a few large organizations or corporations.
  • It carries a LOT of weight when we talk to elected officials and decision-makers across Missouri.  Our elected leaders are interested in hearing from groups that represent real people--like you.
  • When MoBikeFed was formed in 1994, and then re-formed in 2002, we had the idea that if everyone in Missouri who was passionate about bicycling and walking would donate just a little bit every year, we would be able to add that all up.  All of us working together would be enough to really make a difference in Missouri. 
    MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri
    MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri
  • And it has really worked!  Just for example, take a look at our list of Previous MoBikeFed Legislative Platform Planks That Have Become Law or Policy.  There are no less than 38 items on that list since 1994--most of them since 2005, when we pooled our resources to hire MoBikeFed's lobbyist in Jefferson City, Jim Farrell.  
  • When bicyclists and pedestrian have a voice in Jefferson City, it makes a real difference--and your support and membership makes that voice a reality.
  • And take a look at the results of our 2008 Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri. That Vision, from just five years ago, seemed impossible to achieve then.  But now, so many goals of the 2008 Vision have been reached--many of them exceeded--that we're starting to work on a new Vision now.
  • Of all the projects we have worked on over the past 20 years, perhaps the most significant ever is the one now underway: Working to establish biking and walking as integral pieces of Missouri's planned $8 billion transportation funding solution. If bicycling and walking and included in that funding package on an equal basis with roads and highways, it is going to change everything in Missouri, permanently.  And I am pleased to be able to announce today that the Initiative Petition Language has been introduced with the Secretary of State.  And that language does indeed include funding for bicycling and walking on an equal basis with all other modes of transportation in Missouri.  
  • If the Initiative Petition passes when it comes before voters next year, bicycling and walking will, for the first time become part of Missouri's Constitution and will, for the first time, be on a full and equal basis with all other types of transportation in Missouri.
  • And that is going to change everything for the better for everyone in Missouri who walks and bicycles.

One of our goals back in 2008 was to double MoBikeFed membership from it's 2007 level of 1087.

As you can see, at the end of our Summer Membership Drive, we are very, very close to achieving that.  Two times 1087 is 2174, so we are just 57 short right now.  I think we will be very, very close to that number by the time we total up all of our mail-in memberships.  

(But if you're membership is expired, or you know someone who needs to join MoBikeFed, please visit or send them to!)

Your membership makes MoBikeFed's work possible.

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