2015-2016 Yellow Jersey Club

The Yellow Jersey Club is Missouri's most exclusive bicycle club - and includes the strongest supporters of bicycling, walking, and trails across the state.

Yellow Jersey Club members donate at least $1000 annually to help use accomplish our vision and mission for better, safer bicycling, walking, and trails across Missouri.

Yellow Jersey Club members are introduced and help lead out all rides at our events where they participate, are listed and recognized on our web site and in print materials, and are listed and recognized in Capitol Day and Legislator's Ride materials.

A huge thank you goes to all of our Yellow Jersey Club members--your support is helping make Missouri a better, safer place to bicycle and walk.

If you would like to become a member of the exclusive Yellow Jersey Club, please contact us or visit the Yellow Jersey Club Membership Page

If you should be listed by name and are not, please email or call the Executive Director (director[at]mobikefed.org 816-336-2550).

Name Location
William A Kerr Foundation (Organization) Saint Louis, MO
Pat Jones (Individual) Williamsburg, MO
Mark D Wittry family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Springbike Bicycle Club (Organization) Springfield, MO
Bob Denlow family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Carol A Elliott & Joe Howell family (Individual) Imperial, PA
Chrysa and Richard Niewald family (Individual) Owensville, MO
Daniel Bauer family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Debra Sue Wood & Darren Brungardt family (Individual) Raytown, MO
Douglas Kiburz (Individual) Sedalia, MO
John HK Sweet & John Forti family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Kenneth A Moore family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Larry P OReilly (Individual) Springfield, MO
Law Offices of Alvin Wolff Jr & Associates (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Mark Snell (Individual) Clinton, MO
Michael D Hennies family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Alta Planning & Design - Missouri Office (Organization) Chesterfield, MO
Tom & Dolores Schoeneck (Individual) Saint Joseph, MO
Frederick Schmidt & Cathy Rosenholtz Family (Individual) Washington, DC
Morty & Barbara Lebedun family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Rachel Ruhlen (Individual) Columbia, MO
Jeff Huff (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Paul & Sharon Wojciechowski family (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Thomas Vesely (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Matt Maher (Individual) Independence, MO
Les Bourgeois Winery & Bistro (Organization) Rocheport, MO
Springfield Brewing Company (Organization) Springfield, MO
Big Shark Bicycle Co (Individual) St. Louis, MO
David Fiedler (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
John & Jackie Settlage family (Individual) Kirksville, MO
Mark Crabtree (Individual) Springfield, MO
Michael H Staenberg (Individual) Saint Louis, MO