House Passes Amtrak Bill; Includes Lipinski Amendment that Improves Boarding Procedures for All Americans - The Doings La Grange

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With widespread bipartisan support, the House of Representatives passed the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015, the first Amtrak bill since October of 2008. Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3), the most senior member from Illinois on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, supported the legislation, which includes his amendment that improves the boarding procedures for wheelchair users, bicyclists, and other non-motorized vehicle users.

"My amendment clarifies the responsibilities of the Amtrak Inspector General as it looks at Amtrak boarding procedures and provides a report on improvements," said Rep. Lipinski. "Specifically, it would require that when assessing boarding procedures the Amtrak IG also considers the needs of passengers using non-motorized transportation, including all forms of wheelchairs and bicycles."

An Amtrak Inspector General report issued last August found that less than 10% percent of Amtrak stations were ADA compliant, and recent research by mobility groups found that only 38% of Amtrak lines allow roll-on bikes with only 18% of stations on those lines even allowing for that service.

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