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What is a Gran Fondo?

It’s just a step up above your ordinary ride: A challenging ride that combines the best elements of epic recreational rides and scenic touring rides with the color and flash of a great road race.

Ever envisioned yourself riding a stage of the Tour de France or Tour of Missouri, rolling across the countryside with your teammates, crossing the finish line before a cheering crowd, seeing your finish time flash on the screen?

That’s the Gran Fondo experience–the thrill of riding a Grand Tour stage, now open to anyone.

Fondos attract the entire gamut of cyclists–from touring cyclists to long-distance aficionados to serious racers and roadies, to those who just enjoy a 15 mile Saturday jaunt. It attracts riders who are interested in the scenery, food and support that is a step above the ordinary, friendly competition and working for a personal best–or just enjoying the scenery with friends.Tour of KC Gran Fondo

Fondos have become among the largest and most popular rides in Europe, and more recently in America, because they bring together all types of cyclists to enjoy single, amazing, common experience on a ride. And by all type of cyclists, we mean, literally all: From hard core-racers to distance enthusiasts to fitness buffs to those who enjoy a pleasant ride in the countryside with friends.

And all ability levels: From those just starting out who want just a taste of a challenge, perhaps completing their first 25-mile cross-country ride, to those who want to set a personal best on a 50, 70, or 100 mile route.

Kansas City’s first Gran Fondo ride features an amazing, challenging, fast, timed ride on the beautiful rural roads along the historic Rock Island Railroad route through eastern Jackson County and northern Cass County. Routes range from the Mini Fondo at just 25 miles to the Gran Fondo at 100 miles.

MoBikeFed comment: Our Foundation is beneficiary of the TKC Gran Fondo. When you ride, you help support our statewide work for better, safer bicycling and walking across Missouri.

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