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Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride, the London-based website that helps victims of bike theft recover their rides, talks to a reformed thief . . .

How quickly could you sell a bike on and how much would you get on average for each bike?

A bike could be sold in a matter of minutes at the peak of it, to one of many known regular contacts. Longest was around a day. Bikes were never kept at home. They were always locked back up on the street. Somewhere, even outside police stations, locked up. If the police ever raided your house then no goods would ever be found.
Was stealing and selling bikes full-time for you? How many bikes would you steal each month?

No I worked as a full-time forklift driver. But the money was barely enough to pay bills and rent. You can’t live on today’s minimum wage.

The prices work out at half the retail value of the bike in the shop. So a thousand-pound bike would be sold for 500, to a person on Gumtree, or if it was to a regular link then 400. We would work Thursday, Friday and Saturdays as soon as it was dark. Police are extra busy dealing with drunks at these times. We would get on average 10 bikes a weekend.

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