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Pineville and Anderson are the two latest Missouri communities to adopt a Livable Streets ordinance and policy, respectively. Located in McDonald County, both towns are great examples of what can happen when the right partnerships are formed to pass Livable Streets initiatives. For two years, McDonald County Health Educator Brandy Smith, led the effort to rally support for Livable Streets policies among city leaders, community organizations and councilmen. “The people I’ve talked to do see the possibilities in the future and this policy may bring funding for sidewalks, trails and bike paths,” Smith said.

Thanks to efforts from forward-thinking leaders like Smith, Mayor Gregg Sweeten of Pineville and Ken Schutten with the Anderson Betterment Club, McDonald County was able to create a shared vision on what they want to look like years down the road.

“The city of Anderson and the city of Pineville want to connect communities with a trail,” said Smith. “So the funding would probably be to finish the walking trail that’s in Anderson around our ball parks and then eventually building nice trails that connects Anderson to Pineville.”

MoBikeFed comment: This culminates some amazing work by local citizens and leaders and the Missouri Livable Streets Coalition, which is led by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the PedNet Coalition, TrailNet, and the University of Missouri along with a 12-member statewide advisory team.

Pineville and Anderson represent a relatively new, but now very well established trend in Missouri--rural and outstate communities putting an emphasis on bicycling, walking, and Complete Streets.

Just in the past year we have seen these two Complete Streets policies, as well as a major Complete Streets policy implemented in Warsaw (pop. 2100) and implementation of the Carthage, MO, bicycle route system, which will place Carthage at the head of Missouri cities in mileage per citizen on an on-road bicycle route system.

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