St. Louis bike/ped coordinator position too long vacant; Grass roots group asking city to update position to follow best practices--and to get someone hired ASAP - NextSTL

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In recent weeks, a group of St. Louis City residents, bike advocates, and urban explorers have joined together to lead the effort to ensure St. Louis receives qualified candidates for the vacant Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator position and build on the progress made over the past several years. Together, the group has drafted a letter and amended the job description to be sent to Mayor Lyda Krewson and Todd Waelterman, Director of Operations for the City of St. Louis. With the support of several Alderman and local organizations, the group hopes to provide the evidence and support to ensure that the permanent hire is both technically qualified and possesses the needed comprehensive experience. . . .

The Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator position has been instrumental in improving our city’s walk- and bikeability since its creation in 2015. Over 20% of city households do not own a vehicle and rely on numerous methods of transportation to access employment, education, and basic services. Additionally, the City of St. Louis is a designated ‘Focus City’ by the Federal Highway Administration due to a pedestrian fatality rate three times the national average. . . .

We have no doubt the position of Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator requires sufficient experience but are concerned that the current job description may be preventing strong candidates from consideration.

MoBikeFed comment: The City of St. Louis took an important step when it hired the city's first bike/ped coordinator a couple of years ago.

But getting the right person in the job is just as important as the position itself.

The St. Louis Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Position has been open and unfilled since September 2017--which raises questions of its own about the city's commitment to the position.

We encourage the city, local organizations, and interested citizens to move forward together to fill this very important position.

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