Walkable Cities, Gospel-Centered Urbanism, and Pedestrian-Oriented Church Planting - Sean Benesh

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Walkability has been a mainstay in cities since the founding of the very first one in antiquity. Before the advent of cars people moved around in cities on foot. Over time we added new transportation technologies such as horse drawn carriages, electric streetcars, light rail, buses, and more. In our car-oriented cities the church has a more difficult time connecting, serving, and loving their neighbors due to the reality that most congregations are comprised of regional commuters. Walkable Cities, Gospel-Centered Urbanism and Pedestrian-Oriented Church Planting is tool to assist local churches to think through not only topics like walkability and ministry on the neighborhood scale, but also ways they can be involved in placemaking through grassroots design interventions.

MoBikeFed comment: Can your Church benefit from being in a more walkable, bicyclable, connected neighborhood?

Can your church help make the neighborhood it is in a more walkable, bikable neighborhood?

Can your church benefit from using some of the tools used by advocates for walkable, bikable, connected, human-scale communities?

All these questions and more are answered in this interesting short book by Sean Benesh.

The Kindle version of the book can be purchased here:


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