You Have to Try the Frisco Highline Trail and How to Do It - The Line Creek Loudmouth

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Have you ever heard of the Frisco Highline Trail which connects Bolivar to Springfield? How did I know about it? Years ago a crew of folks from the KC area went down to Springfield and got a tour of some of the very innovative things Green County/Springfield were doing. The community had formed a non-profit called Ozarks Greenways and it had a director who was willing to work within constraints as necessary to build a trail system where most others would say it couldn't be done. They had a downtown creek that had been paved/channelized/ignored and they exposed it and put a trail system along it and turned it into a linear park connecting Central High School, Ozarks Technical College, and Evangel University. . . .

The trail starts in Bolivar but you can spot it on the west side of Route 13 by the old grain elevator just a mile or so north of of "Smiths" restaurant: it of course being famous for its tenderloins (according to the billboards). Here is the map of the whole system.

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