SBC Athletics opens Community Bike Shop in Springfield | Fairbanks Bike Shop

Headlines are quick hits from media outlets from Missouri and around the world. Follow the headline link for the full story. The source of this headline says:

Powered by the SBC Athletics Community, the Fairbanks Bike Shop is open on Wednesday evenings during the months of April through September. The shop’s intent is to help the local Springfield community, specifically in the Grant Beach neighborhood, be able to ride more often and more safely. The program will help kids with simple repairs, access to bikes, and bicycle education, as well as provide adults with transportation assistance. The shop will provide free helmets for children, free bike repair, and low-cost rental and/or sales to  the neighborhood surrounding The Fairbanks (north-central Springfield). 

“The SBC Athletics Community has been riding in Springfield since 2012. We realized that we wanted to give back to our community, and one of our team members works at the Fairbanks, and one of our SBC employees did as well. Once we heard about the Fairbanks wanting a bike shop – it was a no brainer," says Neil Chanter, SBC Athletics team manager/owner.

The Fairbanks Bike Shop is powered by volunteers and donations. The Bike Shop needs donations, including, but not limited to: kid and adult-sized bikes, both working and non-working, bike helmets of all sizes, spare and old bike parts, such as tires, tubes, seats, stems, etc., and bike tools, pumps, chain lube, bike washing equipment, and bike locks.

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