Video: Mississippi Greenway Cliff Cave County Park New Trail Extension, Bridges and Overlook now open - YouTube

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Mississippi Greenway: Cliff Cave County Park features a seven mile (paved) route along the Mississippi River and up the 170 foot bluff to a scenic overlook. There is also a connection to Telegraph road for people walking and biking. This segment of greenway lies entirely within Cliff Cave Park–named for the cave tucked in the bluffs of south St. Louis County. The park offers hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails as well as picnic areas and shelters.

Future Connections

Mississippi Greenway to River des Peres Greenway:
Construction to extend the Mississippi Greenway from its current endpoint on the River City Casino Property and connect with the River des Peres Greenway is temporarily on hold. The extension of the River des Peres Greenway between Alabama and Broadway is largely complete, but the remainder of the paved route will not be constructed until Metropolitan Sewer District completes repairs and sewer line improvements in this area. We are working with them to coordinate construction so we only build the greenway one time. Stay tuned for additional updates on the timeline for this project!

Cliff Cave Park:
Construction of the two mile, paved and ADA accessible extension of the greenway is complete. The new route connects the existing five mile route up the bluff to a new scenic overlook and neighborhood spur out to Telegraph Road. There are not seven paved miles to explore and enjoy!”

MoBikeFed comment: Huge thanks goes to everyone who contacted their St. Louis County Councilmembers last year to support the Cliff Cave Park Trail.

A small group of "NIMBY" local residents were opposing the trail, and they drew the support of a new County Councilman.

It took many calls and messages from trail supporters in the area to turn the situation around.

But it was turned around, thanks to that support, and the good work of Great Rivers Greenway in working with County officials, along with the support of amazing local advocacy group Trailnet.

More details about what was at risk in early 2017:

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