Kids with special needs learn to ride bikes at iCan Bike KC camp - KSHB

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When you have a son or daughter with a special need, even the littlest milestones are worth celebrating.

And when that same son or daughter gets to do something other kids their age do, and you see the determination and effort give way to prideful smiles on their faces, it’s enough to almost make a parent’s heart pop.

That’s what volunteers witnessed this week at a camp called iCan Bike KC. It’s a camp to teach kids with special needs to ride a bike. An organization called iCan Shine puts on the camp; they hold similar camps all over the country. . . .

“If she learned how to ride a bike, it would give her some independence. Maybe transportation to her job someday. It would be great family time for us to all be able to hop on a bike rather than she and I standing on the end of the driveway when the rest of the family took off. The exercise. All of these reasons,” said Mandie.

MoBikeFed comment: You can find out more about the iCan Shine Bike program, or how to host the program in your community, here:

This is the program formerly known as "Lose the Training Wheels" that has helped groups across Missouri host learn-to-bike camps for children with disabilities over many years.

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