Trailblazers, national bicycle touring group, visit Rock Island tunnel and cycle Katy & Rock Island Trails| Central MO Breaking News

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The Trailblazers are a group of cyclists who meet for an annual ride on trails that have been converted from former railway lines throughout the nation. This year, their members gathered in Missouri from states like New York, Michigan and California. The Trailblazers set off on a more than 180-mile ride Tuesday from Medford on the Rock Island Spur then transferred at Windsor to the Katy Trail, upon which they rode into Jefferson City on Thursday before heading to Hermann the next day.

Trailblazer Bob Clay, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, said this was his second trip on the Katy Trail in his 20 years riding conservancy trails.

"It's relaxing to just get out and ride," he said. "It's fun to be with people who come from all over the country who have similar interests."

Clay said Missouri already has great trails, and he is excited by the prospect of the system expanding with the Rock Island Trail.

"You've got so many people who are enthusiastic about it, so I'm very impressed with that," he said.

MoBikeFed comment: More about Missouri's newest potential cross-state Trail, the Rock Island Trail, here:

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