Katy Bridge Coalition seeks donations to finish bridge renovations and open entire MKT Bridge at Boonville to Katy Trail users | columbiamissourian.com

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A gap of less than 1,000 feet prevents everyone from having the experience of crossing the entire bridge. Right now, it's open to walk on but doesn't go even halfway across the river.

More than 80 years ago, the Katy Bridge in Boonville was built as a railroad bridge. Union Pacific Railroad decided to tear down the bridge in 2004, but residents of Boonville fought to keep it. The Katy Bridge reopened in 2016 as part of the Katy Trail. The Katy Bridge Coalition is hoping to raise money to eventually connect Kansas City and St. Louis with the bridge. . . . .
The coalition has been working for nearly 14 years to save and restore the Katy Bridge. The goal is to open the bridge fully to the public so people riding or walking the Katy Trail can cross from Boonville into Howard County, or vice versa, without having to use the newer Boonslick Bridge, which is heavily traveled by cars — not such a romantic experience.
Plans for renovation began in 2012 and ownership of the bridge was transferred to Boonville in 2013. Renovation of the bridge began in 2015.

The first phase of construction on the bridge is complete, but the coalition estimates it will cost roughly $4 million to $5 million to completely restore the bridge surface.

Sarah Gallagher, president of the Katy Bridge Coalition, said her goal is to raise $10 million to complete the bridge and clean, paint and maintain the bridge in the coming years.

Gallagher said the cost of the remaining three spans will be about the same as the first. The first span was so expensive because it had to meet Union Pacific specifications for safety, she said, as it crosses over a railroad track. The span was built off-site and lifted into place.

People and entities who make large donations will be offered naming rights, Gallagher said.

MoBikeFed comment: More information about the Boonville Katy Bridge project--and how to donate in support of the project--is here:


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