ALERT: Key Mississippi Greenway Trail Connection in St. Louis County needs your support today

UPDATE 16 February 2017: Success!  Great Rivers Greenway and County Councilman Ernie Trakas continued discussions about the trail--spurred on by the many messages and phone calls St Louis County officials received in support of it.

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Kansas City's Riverfront Heritage Trail marks major milestone - connecting KCMO, KCK, and historic Kaw Point

Kansas City's Riverfront Heritage Trail recently reached a major milestone and completed the vision for that trail that was set out in the late 1990s.

The trail, which has been under development for two decades now, has finally created a seamless connection between downtown Kansas City, Missouri, downtown Kansas City, Kansas, and historic Kaw Point, where the Kansas and Missouri Rivers converge, and where Lewis and Clark camped in 1804.

The trail bridges two states, three counties, three cities, and two major rivers.

The trail takes pedestrians and cyclists across numerous difficult barriers, including cliffs, many sets of railroad tracks, multiple complex interstate freeway interchanges, local roads, and the Kansas River.  The trail links to Berkeley Riverfront Park and the Bob Watts Memorial Bike/Ped Path on the Heart of America Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River to give North Kansas City a connection to the trail, as well.

The trail includes numerous park areas, works of art, light fixtures, and other amenities designed to improve both the trail and the neighborhoods it passes through.

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