GetAbout Columbia Nonmotorized Pilot Project--where it stands today

Since Columbia, Missouri, became one of four communities nationwide to implement a $22 million experimental nonmotorized pilot project, area residents have been asking when the projects will be complete.

As with all major construction projects--especially those involving federal funding--progress from concept to design to construction always takes far longer than the public anticipates.

Several of the major construction projects planned as part of the GetAbout Columbia project will be completed within the next year.

This article from the Columbia Missourian gives a rundown of the upcoming projects and their projected completion dates:

[S]everal projects are under construction and are planned to be finished by the end of the year. Construction on many other projects is scheduled to begin by that time.

For example, Bridges 12 and 13 on the MKT Nature and Fitness Trail, which were closed for replacement in January, are scheduled to reopen Friday afternoon.

Just in time for football season, a new sidewalk is scheduled to open along Stadium Boulevard between Providence Road and College Avenue.

The article gives the details on these and several other projects, including trails and a bicycle boulevard.

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