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Proposed Missouri Cross-State Bicycle Route Map 2004

Draft map for public comment, posted June 2004
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The Statewide Route Map is a map of the entire state of Missouri showing a complete network proposed cross-state bicycle routes that may be relatively favorable for bicycling by experienced touring cyclists.

Thumbnail of Missouri Cross-state bicycle route map

About the Proposed Statewide Bicycle Route Map

The Missouri Bicycle Federation is working with MoDOT's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee and MoDOT Bike/Ped Coordinator Caryn Giarratano to help create a Missouri Bicycle Map and a network of cross-state bicycle routes.

The proposed cross-state bicycle routes have been offered to the MoDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee by the Routes Subcommittee. The routes have been selected on the basis of average daily traffic volume data and topography. The routes have not been ground-tested. They are not approved by MoDOT. They are offered purely for consideration, comment, and suggestion by cyclists across the state.

This is the second version of the proposed routes, which incorporates many suggestions made by bicyclists around the state for improvements and changes to the suggested routes.

The proposed routes would be intended for use by experienced touring cyclists.

The statewide map used as the basis for this map omits some minor roads used as part of the proposed routes. For instance, the proposed route along I-44 ("Route 66") runs mostly on frontage roads and side roads not shown on the base map.

The routes are for rural areas only. It is intended that each metropolitan area will create its own bicycle route map that will interconnect with the proposed cross-state bicycle routes.

Feedback encouraged!

MoBikeFed is working actively with MoDOT to consider cyclist feedback in the development of these proposed routes. Please click here to leave any suggestions, alternative routes, or general feedback on our comment board. You can also email Brent Hugh,, or send written comments c/o Missouri Bicycle Federation, Inc., Post Office Box 104871, Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871.

View the Proposed Statewide Bicycle Route Map

You can view/print the map online four ways:
  1. Print/View PDF
    Download the printable PDF file of the route maps (12 pages; 5.5 meg). The file can be printed on black-and-white or color printer; the result will be a 15-page booklet with all routes for the entire state of Missouri.

  2. View entire map on web page
    The map web page is available in three sizes: quarter-sized, half-sized , and full-sized. Start with the quarter-sized version and use the others to zoom in as necessary. Please note that the page consists of 15 JPG files totalling 5 meg; total size 4510x3930 pixels. This works well with most modern computers/browsers (if you have an older/slower computer or internet connection you may want to use Option 4 to download the map a bit at a time). You can pan and scroll the map of the entire state, then click on any sector to zoom in for a full-sized view. The same JPEG files are used for each map so that you change switch between them (to change zoom level) without re-downloading the files.

  3. View PDF
    Download a PDF file with the entire map on one single page (1 page, 14.2 meg). If you have an up-to-date fast computer with lots of memory that can handle the 14.2 meg graphics file included in the PDF, this will work quite well for on-screen viewing--you can scroll across the entire state, zoom into any point of interest, etc. (If you have an older, slower computer, check out Option 4.) This version of the map does not work for printing simply because there is too much information to be legibly printed on one single page unless you have a very large-format printer.

  4. View/Print on web page one district at a time
    Click on any of the districts below to view the JPEG file of that sector. Each JPEG file is approx. 200-300KB, so one file at a time can be handled with ease by most WWW browsers (even on older, slower computers or a slower internet connection). Each of the 10 sectors is designed so that it can be printed legibly on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. (However, please note that your WWW browser may or may not allow you to print out the file on a single page--to print out the graphic on a single page you may need to download the file and open it with a program designed for viewing/printing JPG files.)

    The 10 districts roughly correspond to the 10 MoDOT Districts for Missouri:

    District 1
    (St. Joseph, Rockport, Tarkio, Mound City)
    District 2
    District 3
    (Hannibal, Keokuk IA)
    District 4
    (Kansas City)
    District 5
    (Boonville, Columbia, Jefferson City)
    District 6
    (St. Louis)
    District 7
    (Joplin, Nevada)
    District 8
    District 9
    (West Plains)
    District 10
    (Cape Girardeau, Farmington, Poplar Bluff)

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