Missouri High Priority Bike/Ped/ADA Projects

Projects by Region:

Project Score City Status      
State Bicycle Map & updates 99.99 Entire state      
Statewide Bike/Ped/ADA Strategic Project list 79.27 Entire state      
Driver's License Exam update 79.13 All      
Missouri State Trail Plan 77.07 State of Missouri Under construction      
Shoulders on all highways 43.80 Statewide      
Shoulders. Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders. 32.60 Entire state      
Require walk signals every cycle every signal 29.60 Entire state      
Require Sharrows when striping roads 29.53 All Cities      
Interstate Bike Parallel Routes 19.50 Entire state      
Add TransAmerica Trail to U.S. Bicycle Route System & sign the route 88.00 Across southern portion of Missouri Funded      
Create & publish map/booklet for Route 66 bicycle tourism (Route 66 bicycle route) 82.20 Across Missouri      
Add Route 66 to the U.S. Bicycle Route System (Route 66 bicycle route) 80.80 Across Missouri      
Icon Road to 71 Hwy shoulder 80.00 Maryville, MO      
South Main Street 79.00 Maryville, MO      
Route V Shoulder 79.00 Maryville, MO      
Mozingo Dam Trail 77.20 Maryville, MO      
Hwy 136 Connection 76.40 Maryville, MO      
Hwy 136 Bridge 53.60 Maryville, MO      
Pave 4 miles of Co Rd 400/340 near Nodaway OR create paved bicycle trail along adjoining RR tracks (Lewis & Clark Trail) 73.20 Nodaway      
Bike Friendly Bridge Grates, St Joseph 82.80 St. Joseph - CC Village -Amazonia      
Rock Island/GW Trail (rail trail) 80.80 St Joseph      
59 Shoulder Addition, north St Joseph 77.60 St. Joseph - CC Village      
Frederick Ave. Sidewalks, St Joseph 74.00 St. Joseph      
Cook Road Mode Preservation, St Joseph 73.20 St. Joseph      
U.S. 59 Sidewalks, St Joseph 72.20 St. Joseph      
Riverside Sidewalks 71.80 St Joseph      
Business 71 Shoulders north of St Joseph 70.60 St. Joseph - CC Village - Savannah      
Belt Sidewalks North, St Joseph 69.60 St. Joseph      
Rt. YY Sidewalks, St Joseph 69.20 St. Joseph      
Belt Sidewalks South, St Joseph 68.80 St. Joseph      
U.S. 169 Shoulders/Sidewalks, St Joseph 67.60 St. Joseph      
Gene Field Mode Preservation, St Joseph 67.40 St. Joseph      
Hwy M crosswalk, Barnard 66.90 Barnard      
U.S. 759 Sidewalks, St Joseph 64.40 St. Joseph      
Rt. E Sidewalks, Savannah 63.80 Savannah      
U.S. 169 South Sidewalks, St Joseph 61.00 St. Joseph      
Rt. T Sidewalks/shoulder, Savannah 58.80 Savannah      
bike/walking lanes on Hwy 190, Chillicothe 77.60 chillicothe      
Hwy Z/State Hwy C "Share the Road" signs, Chillicothe 77.00 Chillicothe      
Waverly Pioneer Trail Sidewalk 68.00 Waverly, Missouri      
Shoulders on Hwy 65 south of Chillicothe 67.80 Chillicothe      
Widen shoulders on 63 near Moberly 74.40 Moberly      
Sidewalks on MO Route 3 in Clifton Hill 70.70 Clifton Hill      
Sidewalk through south Macon 69.40 Macon      
Patterson St. Ped/Bike Crossing 65.80 Kirksville, MO      
1000 Hills "Share the Road" Signs 58.00 Kirksville, MO      
La Harpe St. Ped/Bike Crossing 55.00 Kirksville, MO      
Forest Lake Area Trail System, Kirksville 54.00 Kirksville, MO      
Reconditioning of US-63 curb/gutter 52.00 Kirksville      
HWY 157 widening 48.00 Kirksville, MO      
Old HWY 6 "Share the Road" Signs 48.00 Kirksville, MO      
US-63 underpass to Rotary Park 47.00 Kirksville      
Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge 46.00 Kirksville      
Downtown Hannibal Route Identification 87.20 Hannibal      
Shoulders on Bus 61/Hwy B Wakonda, LaGrange, Canton 87.00 Canton, La Grange, Lewis County      
River Road Railroad Crossing, Hannibal 85.00 Hannibal      
HANNIBAL- South River Road 79.00 Hannibal      
HANNIBAL- South. Monkey Run to Saverton 78.60 Hannibal      
Hannibal "Ring" Connection Bike Path Route 78.60 Hannibal      
Mark Twain Lake "Circle" Route, Monroe City 78.20 Monroe City, MO      
Replace bridge over North River, 1.4 miles west of Rte.C. Project involves bridge K0073. MoDOT job No. 3S0781 72.60 Palmyra      
Taylor - Old 61 connector 67.60 North of Taylor      
Winfield Sidewalks to Schools 66.20 Winfield      
Hermann Bridge/Katy connector 80.30 Hermann      
Widen Hwy 79 shoulders Old Monroe - Elsberry (Mississippi River Trail) 80.53 Old Monroe - Foley      
Add Hannibal-Keokuk segment to Mississippi River Trail & sign the route 79.47 Hannibal-Canton      
Replace dangerous drain grates for bicyclists, downtown Loop Bridges, Kansas City 84.00 Kansas City Completed      
Route 9 shoulders, Parkville 80.00 Parkville, Riverside, and North Kansas City      
Fairfax Bridge access ramp, Riverside 80.00 Riverside      
Route 45 Trail, Parkville/Kansas City 78.00 Kansas City and Parkville Completed      
Bike Lanes on Bannister Road, Kansas City 74.00 Kansas City      
Front Street/Century Avenue Trail 72.00 Kansas City, MO      
Rt. 150 Trail 70.00 Lees Summit/Kansas City Completed      
Hwy 150 trail Kansas City 70.00 Kansas City Completed      
Route 291 Crossings 68.00 Lees Summit      
Independence Ave (Hwy 24) 66.00 Kansas City MO Funded      
Hwy 152 trail Kansas City 66.00 Kansas City      
O'Brien Rd US 50 Hwy Overpass Shoulder and Sidewalk Improvements, Lee's Summit 66.00 Lee's Summit      
Shoulders on Colbern Road over State Rte. 291 and I-470, Lee's Summit 66.00 Lees Summit      
Shoulders for Murray Road (outer road to U.S. 50 Highway), Lee's Summit 66.00 Lees Summit      
Shoulder improvements for Blue Parkway (outer road for US 50 Highway), Lee's Summit 66.00 Lee's Summit      
Hwy 350 intersections in Raytown 62.00 Raytown      
Multi Use trail on State Highway RA south of U.S. 50 Highway 62.00 Lee's Summit      
Bike Lane Striping and Signage for Lakewood Blvd. Underpass for Interstate 470, Lee's Summit 62.00 Lee's Summit      
Shoulder and Sidewalk on Highway 9 in Parkville 62.00 Parkville      
KC-Independence connections across I-435 62.00 Independence and Kansas City      
Central Clay County to south of river, Liberty 60.00 Liberty      
HWY 78 to Bundschu Rd, Independence 60.00 Independence      
River crossing at Rte 78 and Little Blue, Independence 60.00 Independence Awarded      
Hwy 9 Trestle underpass, North Kansas City 60.00 NKC / RIverside      
Sidewalks on Hwy 9 through Parkville 60.00 Parkville      
Shoulder and Sidewalk improvements for Blue Parkway (outer road to US 50), Lee's Summit 58.00 Lee's Summit      
Shoulders and Sidewalk for Raintree Parkway at Intersection of MO-150 and MO-291, Lee's Summit 58.00 Lee's Summit      
Hwy 350 bicycle/pedestrian path 56.00 Raytown Funded      
Shoulder/sidewalk on 291 Bridge, Lee's Summit 56.00 Lee's Summit      
Shoulders on N. Oak - HWY 283, Kansas City 56.00 Kansas City, MO      
Bridge Reconstruction at I-470 to accommodate bike/ped, Lee's Summit 54.00 Lee's Summit      
Riverside to Gladstone connection 54.00 Kansas City      
Hwy 78 simple ped connection over Blue River, Kansas City 52.00 Kansas City      
Continuation of Hwy 7 Bike Lanes, Blue Springs 52.00 Blue Springs/Lake Lottawana      
Bike 40 Hwy, Kansas City 52.00 Kansas City      
Hwy 78 bike lanes through Independence 46.00 Independence      
"Warning Bicycle Ahead" Flashers & re-align lanes on 4 bridges lacking shoulders on Hwy 13 84.20 Clinton      
KATY trail Windsor, via Knob Noster State Park. 73.00 Warrensburg      
Wider shoulders on DD, Warrensburg 71.00 Warrensburg      
Improve Ashland road and Stadium intersection - ADA compliance issue, ped crossing problems 95.00 Columbia      
Street Level pedestrian crossing improvements (timers etc) College and Broadway Intersection, Columbia 95.00 Columbia      
Add Bicycle lanes on Providence road from Green Meadows to Stadium BLVD and repair shoulder 95.00 Columbia      
Modify shoulder on Providence at Stadium south to access pedestrian overpass 95.00 Columbia      
Stadium bridge over Hinkson - better ped access (guardrail problem) 95.00 Columbia      
Hwy 5/Rt B junction Boonville - add pedestrian crossing, 90.00 Boonville      
add sidewalks to business loop 70 in Columbia 89.00 Columbia      
Add Ped X-ing / safety island on Rte TT between 740 and Fairview in Columbia 87.00 Columbia      
Add/improve Pedestrian and bike treatments on Stadium Blvd. signalized intersections in Columbia 85.00 Columbia      
Add 5 foot shoulders when rebuilding Route K in Columbia 85.00 Columbia Completed      
Improve the overpass on St.Charles and 70 for bikes/ped/handicapped access 85.00 Columbia      
Add sidewalks on WW from Trimble to Keene and add ped crossings (lights/crosswalks) at Keene and WW 85.00 Columbia      
Add 8' pedway on Clark Lane, Paris to US 63, in Columbia 81.00 Columbia      
Resurface old Ashland road/bikeway between old 63 and old ped bridge 77.00 Columbia      
Add 5' shoulders on route WW, in Columbia when rebuilding road 73.00 Columbia      
Add 5' shoulder to Route E when rebuilding road Columbia/Harrisburg, 55.00 Columbia to Harrisburg      
Paint curbs at Hwy 163 and Mick Deaver Dr. intersection, Columbia 55.00 Columbia      
Add 5' shoulders on Route WW from Rangeline east to Fulton 55.00 Millersburg      
Add bike/ped info to Providence Corridor transportation and land use plan, Columbia 55.00 Columbia      
Add Roundabout/signalized ped crossing at LeMone/Lenoir St./New Haven Avenue off 63/AC, Columbia 55.00 Columbia      
Add sidewalk onVandiver extension out to basspro shops 55.00      
Street level pedestrian crossing improvements Stadium and Broadway Intersection, Columbia 5.00 Columbia      
Widen shoulders, fix drain grates, make other possible adjustments to accommodate bike/ped/ada on 5/54 overpass, Camdenton 87.60 Camdenton Under construction      
Missouri Boulevard North Sidewalk Completion, Jefferson City 81.20 Jefferson City Partially completed      
Missouri Boulevard South Sidewalk Completion, Jefferson City 81.00 Jefferson City Partially completed      
Missouri Boulevard Intersection Improvement, Jefferson City 67.00 Jefferson City Partially completed      
5/54 overpass walkway, Camdenton 65.20 Camdenton Under construction      
Marshal St to Ellis Porter/Riverside Park (Prison Redevelopment Site), Jefferson City 64.50 Jefferson City      
Highway 179 under Highway 50, Jefferson City 63.95 Jefferson City      
Under HWY 179 (North of Frog Hollow Rd) , Jefferson City 61.20 Jefferson City      
Mo River Bridge to Katy Trail Greenway Spur, Jefferson City 71.90 Jefferson City      
Dunklin Street Trail Head to Main Street, Along Wears Creek, Jefferson City 71.25 Jefferson City      
Hwy 65 bike lanes, Lincoln - Warsaw 68.20 Lincoln - Warsaw      
Painted Lane on Katy Trail on Sedalia City Streets 87.20 Sedalia      
Painted cross-walks at Katy Trail intersections, Sedalia 87.20 Sedalia      
The Katy Trail Missing Link, Sedalia 82.80 Sedalia      
Sedalia Signage 78.20 Sedalia      
Hwy 65 shoulder access, Sedalia 76.20 Sedalia      
Multi-Use path S. Hwy 65 in Sedalia 75.80 Sedalia      
Cross-walk Buttons, Sedalia 73.80 Sedalia      
Access to Walmart, Sedalia 73.20 Sedalia      
Pave shoulders Marshall to Higginsville 69.00 Marshall, Higginsville      
Off-Ramp on Katy Trail @ 65 Hwy, Sedalia 68.60 Sedalia      
Bicycle / Pedestrian lane - Grand Avenue along 20th to near Hwy 65, Sedalia 64.80 Sedalia      
Widen/complete shoulders on Hwy 100, I-44 interchange to OO (Route 66 bicycle route). Worst part is about the first 1-2 miles northeast of Gray's Summit, so if shoulder could be improved in this section it would help a lot. 81.10 Gray Summit      
Improve bicycle access on Discovery Bridge (Hwy 370) on Mississippi River Trail 78.47 St Charles/Earth City      
Bike Lane Telegraph Road, Oakville 97.40 Oakville      
Discovery Bridge Barrier-separated Bikeway, St Charles 87.80 St. Charles      
Shoulders on EB Hwy 30 Meramec Bridge Crossing-- Fenton 86.00 Fenton Completed      
Continuation of Riverfront Bike path through Soulard, St Louis 82.80 St. Louis      
Crosswalk/ped signal at Chippewa Crossing @ River Des Peres, St Louis 82.80 St. Louis      
Bike lanes, fill in sidewalks, ada compliant sidewalks on Olive/Clarkson, Chesterfield 81.80 Chesterfield      
Restripe to create outside shoulders, Route 141/Meramec River, Valley Park 81.80 Valley Park      
Bike/Ped Bridge or access over I-64 near Hanley Rd, Richmond Heights 79.80 Richmond Heights 63117      
Arnold City Park - Jefferson Barracks Bikeway Connection 79.60 Arnold      
Add sidewalks & Ped signals to Florissant Rd at I-270 79 Florissant      
Pedestrian accommodations at Manchester and Kortwright 78.60 Rock Hill      
Highway K Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Path 78.00 O'Fallon      
Page South Outer Road Bike Lanes 77.60 O'Fallon      
Technology Drive Bike Lanes 77.60 O'Fallon      
Pedestrian crossing, Bicycle activation Union Road @ S Lindbergh Blvd, St Louis County 76.20 Saint Louis County 63125/63129      
Bike/ped facilities on Washington Missouri River Bridge, MO 47 75.40 Washington - Dutzow Planning/scoping      
Washington Katy Connector/Missouri River Bridge 75.40 Washington - Dutzow Planning/scoping      
Add sidewalks under I-270 on St Charles Rock Rd 75.00 Earth city      
Crosswalk on Highway 141 in Fenton by Dierbergs/30 74.40 Fenton      
Improve shoulders, clean shoulders, share the road signs on Hwy 180 Taussig Rd to 270 73.00 Earth city      
City of Sunset Hills Ride Into the Sunset Trail and On-Street Bikeway Elements 72.80 Sunset Hills, Missouri      
Sidewalk Renovation along Hwy N in Cottleville 72.80 Cottleville      
Meramec SP Bicycle Accommodations on Hwy 185, Sullivan 72.60 Sullivan      
Preserve Route 66 Bridge in Eureka 72.40 Eureka      
Bicycle accommodations on Florissant Road near Florissant 71.40 Florissant, Calverton Park, Ferguson, Cool Valley, Normandy      
Clayton Road Upgrade, Town & Country 71.20 Town & Country. MO      
Gravois Avenue Pedestrian and Cyclist Improvements, St Louis 71.00 St. Louis      
Route K, Route M way to get under I-70, O'Fallon 71.00 O'Fallon      
Bikes Allowed Full Use of Lane Signage in St Charles/St Louis counties 70.60 St Louis County/St Charles County      
I-70 exit ramp at Branch Street, St Louis 70.20 St. Louis      
Sidewalk completion and streetscape, I55 at Butler Hill, St Louis 70.00 SAINT LOUIS      
Restore shoulders to Ladue/Clayton Roads 70.00 Ladue      
Bicycle & Pedestrian Access from Creve Coeur Park to the Lake, Maryland Heights 70.00 Maryland Heights      
Dangerous Drainage Grates, Kirkwood 70.00 Kirkwood/Sunset Hills      
Shoulder on Adams in Kirkwood 68.60 Kirkwood      
Bike/Ped crosswalk on Hwy 141, Twin Oaks 68.20 Twin Oaks      
Bikeway on Boone Bridge, Chesterfield 68.00 Chesterfield MO Under construction      
Expansion of KATY Trail Parking Lot in Defiance 67.80 Defiance      
Tenbrook Road, Arnold MO, sidewalks from Jeffco to Woodridge 67.00 Arnold      
Sidewalk/shoulder connection 61/67 over Meramec River, Arnold 66.60 Arnold      
Mid-Metro 4 On street Bike Routes -Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights 66.60 Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights      
North Berry Rd, Glendale 65.60 Glendale MO      
Hwy T Trail Extension 65.40 Labadie      
Greenway to Cliff Cave Park from Jefferson Barracks, Oakville 65.20 Oakville / St. Louis South County      
Shoulders on Upper Bottom from Old Upper Bottom to 364 in St. Charles 61.00 St. Charles      
Access to Busch Wildlife Area and Hamburg Trail from Barat Haven/Winghaven, O'Fallon 60.40 O'fallon      
Safe Shoulder on Richardson Road, Arnold 59.40 Arnold      
Add Shoulders/Bike Lanes, Route T, Wildwood 58.00 Wildwood/Franklin County      
Shoulders on Hwy 109/Babler Park, Wildwood 56.00 Wildwood      
Lindell Blvd Bike Lane, St Louis 56.00 St Louis      
Shoulders on Hwy D & DD in SW St Charles County 54.20 Defiance, MO      
Painted bike lanes on Big Bend Rd, Ballwin/Valley Park 54.20 Ballwin/ Valley Park      
Lambert Bike Loop, Hazelwood 53.60 Hazelwood/Berkley      
Shoulders on Hwy 94 near St Charles/Marthaville 48.00 Marthasville      
Bike path/lane on Hy-141 in Twin Oaks/Manchester 46.00 Twin Oaks and Manchester      
Bridge/walkway over 141, Manchester/Ballwin 38.60 Manchester/Ballwin      
Crossing of Hwy 171 at Frisco Greenway Trail in Webb City 83.80 Joplin/Webb City      
Crossing of Hwy 171 at Madison in Webb City 82.60 Webb City      
Bike Lane along Hwy V S of Joplin 80.00 Joplin      
Bike lane along Range Line Road from Newman to Zora, Joplin 78.00 Joplin      
Bike lane along Highway D from Hwy 171 to Hwy 96, Webb City 78.00 Webb City      
Bike Lane along Hwy V near Diamond 77.00 Diamond      
Shoulder of Gateway Drive near Saginaw 76.00 Saginaw      
Crossing of Range Line Road at Newman Road in Joplin 73.00 Joplin      
Crossing of I-44 ramps at Range Line Road, Joplin 72.40 Joplin      
Bike lane along Hwy D from Hwy 96 to Alba, Oronogo 72.00 Oronogo      
Crossing of Madison at 13th St in Webb City 71.00 Webb City      
Shoulder of Gateway Drive near Neosho 70.00 Neosho      
City of Nevada ADA Sidewalk Project 68.00 Nevada      
Crossing of Hwy JJ at the Ruby Jack Trail near Carl Junction 67.40 Carl Junction      
Crossing of Hwy 171 at the Ruby Jack Trail near Carl Junction 66.80 Carl Junction      
Shoulders on Hwy 43 near Lamar 65.00 Lamar      
Crossing of I-44 at Duquesne Road in Joplin 61.00 Joplin      
Shoulders and Bike Lanes on SR 43, Nevada 61.00 Nevada to Bronaugh      
Bike Lanes for Student Safety in Nevada 53.00 Nevada, MO      
Widen Hwy 96 shoulders to 4-5 feet, Halltown to Carthage (Route 66 bicycle route) 76.50 Halltown - Carthage      
Add shoulders 2 miles east and 2 miles west of Marshfield on Transamerica bicycle route 73.40 Marshfield      
Springfield Chestnut Expressway Traffic Signal Pedestrian Features 77.40 Springfield, Missouri Awarded      
Ward Branch Trail from east of National to Cardinal Street in Springfield on US 60 73.40 Springfield      
Traffic signal pedestrian / bike crossing improvements on intersections, Routes 65, 76 and 165, Branson 71.60 Branson Programmed      
Springfield North Glenstone Avenue Sidewalks, Springfield 70.40 Springfield, Missouri      
Trail under Chestnut Expwy (BR I-44) from Summit to Washington in Springfield 68.00 Springfield      
Springfield West Kearney Street Sidewalks, Springfield 66.80 Springfield, Missouri Completed      
Sidewalk and signalization 64.60 Willard      
Pedestrian accommodations on SR AA from SR H to FR 189 61.80 Greene County      
Trail on south side of SR OO in Strafford 57.00 Strafford      
Pedistrian Bridge on Hwy 13 in Bolivar, MO 56.40 Bolivar, MO      
Multipuropose path from Republic High School to Wilson Creek Battlefield along SR ZZ 56.00 Republic      
Shoulders, intersection improvements on Christian County Ozark - Nixa Corridor 55.40 Ozark and Nixa      
Wilson Creek connector to Wilson Creek Marketplace 55.00 Battlefield      
Sidewalks along State Hwy M in Battlefield 55.00 Battlefield      
Frisco Highline Trail local conection across u.s. 160 west of FR 103 (Hunt Road) 54.80 Willard      
Sidewalks on Highway H, Pleasant Hope 53.00 Pleasant Hope      
Road Widening/Sidewalks State Route FF Battlefield 51.40 Battlefield      
Frisco Highline Trail bridge over West Bypass (US 160) 40.00 Springfield      
Shoulders on roads in Webster County, MO 30.00 Seymour, MO      
Add shoulders on Hwy 21/72 from N/49 to Centerville (TransAmerica bicycle route) 78.00 Centerville      
Add shoulders 7.6 miles west of Houston on Transamerica bicycle route 76.00 Houston      
Repave Devil's Elbow section of Route 66 (Route 66 bicycle route) 75.00 Morgan Heights      
Add shoulders on Hwy 21/106 within 2 miles of Ellington (TransAmerica bicycle route) 73.10 Ellington      
Add shoulders between Houston & Yukon on Transamerica bicycle route (TransAmerica bicycle route) 72.70 Houston - Yukon      
Share the Road Signs on frontage roads near Rolla 78.80 Rolla Completed      
Share the Roads Signs on common bicycle routes near Rolla 74.27 Rolla      
Rolla to St James Pedestrian Bikepath 69.13 Rolla, St James      
Hwy 63/Kingshighway Interchange improvements in Rolla 68.67 Rolla      
Add shoulders to Transamerica Trail route (Hwy 106), Eminence to Summersville 67.80 Eminence      
Sidewalks on Hwy 8 in Potosi 65.15 Potosi      
Shoulders on State Road N near Johnson Shuts Ins 62.20 Centerville      
Improve/widen sidewalk on Hwy E/I-44 interchange, Rolla 61.53 Rolla      
Shoulders of Hwy BB in Rolla 61.13 Rolla      
Shoulders/interchange on Hwy 63 north of Rolla 60.67 Rolla      
Shoulders on TransAmerica Bicycle Route (Hwy 106) between Ellington and Eminence 66.80 Ellington to Eminence      
Shawnee Parkway 83.00 Cape Girardeau Awarded      
MO Route W bicycle accommodations near Cape Girardeau, phase I 71.80 Cape Girardeau      
MO 177/Big Bend Rd. 71.00 Cape Girardeau      
Old US 61 69.00 Cape Girardeau      
Hiway 25 68.00 Cape Girardeau County      
Bicycle route on Hwy K in Cape Girardeau 64.00 Cape Girardeau      
Improve Hwy 61 Intersections for pedestrians & bicyclists, Cape Girardeau 63.80 Cape Girardeau      
MO SR-W Phase II 61.00 Cape Girardeau County      
Jax to Fruitland 57.00 Cape Girardeau County      
Bicycle accommodations on Hwy 61, Cape Girardeau to Jackson 57.00 Cape Girardeau County      
Sidewalk on Highway 34/72 in Jackson 75.60 Jackson      
Add flashing "Warning Bicyclists Ahead" signs Hwy 51 Mississippi River River Bridge, Claryville-Chester, on TransAmerica Bicycle Route 85.40 Claryville      
Widen/improve Hwy 51 Mississippi River River Bridge, Claryville-Chester, on TransAmerica Bicycle Route 63.40 Claryville      
Developing and Carrying out bicycle friendly plans for construction of Highway B in Ste Genevieve County 83.00 Coffman      
Shoulders on Hwy 32 near Bismarck 82.00 Bismarck      
Adding Shoulders on Highway F between Highway 00 and Highway B 76.00 Coffman      
Adding Shoulders on Highway N from Highway 21 to City Limits of Bismarck 75.40 Bismarck      
Sidewalks and Bike Lane Henry Street in Farmington 70.20 Farmington      
Construct shoulders and resurface roadway on State Road Z in Ste Genevieve County 67.80 Coffman      
Area leading to Jefferson Elementary Sidewalks and Crossing, and shoulders Farmington 62.00 Farmington      
Perryville PATH 59.67 Perryville      
Wyandotte Bridge bike/ped/accessability, downtown Kansas City Kansas City Completed