Help us go over 850 members for 2005

What? 2005 is already over!

Well, here in MoBikeFed corporate headquarters we march to the beat of our own calendar.

We're running our 2005 membership drive until January 20th--the day when memberships mailed by the end of 2005 will have been received *and* processed.

We are very, very close to 850 new/renewing members for the year. Will you help us go over the top?

If you join, renew, or give a gift membership online before January 20th you will be counted in the total.

5-LED Laser Safety Light
5-LED Laser Safety Light
To sweeten the deal, the next THREE folks to join or renew online will get a FREE set of Tireflys--neat little flashing lights that go on your valve stems and draw circles when you ride.

By the way--thanks to all of you who have ALREADY joined or renewed. Our renewal rate has been very high this past year!