Iowa Bicycle Coalition appoints Executive Director

Like Missouri, Iowa is moving to hire an Executive Director this year. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition sent this press release today:
The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Wyatt as executive director. Wyatt's appointment fulfills a major goal of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition -- to appoint staff to assure the organization sustains bicycle advocacy into the future.

The mission of the Coalition is to promote Iowa bicycling as safe and enjoyable recreation and transportation. "Bicycling is a simple solution to some of society's biggest problems, like traffic, parking, pollution, and obesity," said Wyatt. "With staff, our organization can work daily towards improving conditions for all bicyclists."

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition was started less than two years ago. As the first board president, Wyatt oversaw the return of the Iowa Bicycle Summit. The Summit, held for the second year on February 2-3, features a new Thursday session dedicated to planners and engineers in addition to the Friday session for bicycle advocates. "Since we encourage complete street design, we are doing our part to provide the tools to build roadways and facilities for bicyclists," states Wyatt.

The Iowa Bicycle Summit returns to Des Moines at the Holiday Inn Downtown February 2-3. The session will feature Michael Ronkin, Oregon's bikeway specialist.

In addition to the summit, the Coalition will hold Bike Night on February 3 at the Holiday Inn Downtown. Speaking at the fund raiser is Richard Schwinn of Waterford Bicycles.

Ticket and registration information is available on-line at or by calling 319-626-6017.

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