This page lists the Key Donors who made our 2016-17 Challenge Match possible.

These Key Donors together donated over $35,000 for the William A. Kerr Foundation Challenge, and an additional $35,000 to the Pat Jones Challenge--with the challenge to all the other MoBikeFed members and supporters: Can you match this amount?

Our annual Fund Raising Challenge brings in the core of the funding that makes our organizations financially stable and helps make our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri a reality.

If you would like to become a Key Donor for the current year, please contact director [at] or call 816-336-2550.

Name Location
Mark D Wittry family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Kenneth A Moore family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Sarah Hanly (Individual) St Louis, MO
Alta Planning & Design - Missouri Office (Organization) Kirkwood, MO
George M Helmkamp Jr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
R. Wes & JoAnn Ridgeway family (Individual) Belleville, IL
Russ Williams (Individual) Liberty, MO
Wayne Goode (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Red White and Green Inc (Organization) Saint Louis, MO
Bob Thompson (Individual) University City, MO
Daniel Bauer family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
David Dyroff family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
David J Lutz family (Individual) Springfield, MO
David Lewis (Individual) Wentzville, MO
Fred O'Donnell (Individual) Columbia, MO
Jim Meckel & Mary O'Leary family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
John & Angie Nickell family (Individual) Parkville, MO
John Schroeder (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Joseph E and Kathleen Ziha (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Mark Snell (Individual) Clinton, MO
Michael D Hennies family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Michael Hurst (Individual) St Louis, MO
Robert F Thompson (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Simon J & Vickie J Pursifull family (Individual) Saint Charles, MO
Stephen H Rovak (Individual) SAINT LOUIS, MO
Thomas & Katherine Ryan family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Timothy K McNamara family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Warren A Rosenblum & Nicole Blumner family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
William Mann (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Mark J Reynolds Memorial Bike Fund Inc (Organization) Saint Joseph, MO
Barb Leach (Individual) Owensville, MO
Bruce Hadley (Individual) SAINT LOUIS, MO
Carol A Elliott & Joe Howell family (Individual) Imperial, PA
Charles and Susan Hardberger family (Individual) Rolla, MO
Cheryl Caldwell (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Chrysa and Richard Niewald family (Individual) Owensville, MO
Chuck Daugherty (Individual) Jefferson city, MO
Daniel Pilliard (Individual) Sedalia, MO
David A Reiter (Individual) Casa Granda, AZ
Donald A Berry (Individual) Fredericktown, MO
Doug Milford family (Individual) Webster Groves, MO
Douglas Kiburz (Individual) Sedalia, MO
Francis Schmidt & Brenda Peculis (Individual) COLUMBIA, MO
Frederick Schmidt & Cathy Rosenholtz Family (Individual) Washington, DC
George & Barbara Nelson family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
George Schowengerdt (Individual) Rolla, MO
Gerald M & Jennifer Shechter family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Harry J Buck (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Ian & Ellen Thomas family (Individual) Columbia, MO
James Rotenberry (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Jeff & Leslie Zacks family (Individual) ST LOUIS, MO
John A Carter Jr (Individual) Columbia, MO
John HK Sweet & John Forti family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
John Stansfield (Individual) Columbia, MO
John V Johnson family (Individual) COLUMBIA, MO
Ken Johnson (Individual) Maplewood, MO
Larry P OReilly (Individual) Springfield, MO
Loren Shelton (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Lowell Ricketts (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Margaret A Hefner & Peter Wiedenbeck family (Individual) Olivette, MO
Mark H Grimm (Individual) 1843 E. Richmond Place, MO
Mark Hampton (Individual) Parkville, MO
Mark Tinsley (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Norman T Thompson (Individual) jackson, MO
Paul Mohr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Robert H Hermon (Individual) Valley Park, MO
Scott Woermann (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Ted Curtis & Barbara Bauer family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Tom Johnson (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Tom Kinealy (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Virginia & Ted Blaine family (Individual) Farmington, MO
Walter M Davis (Individual) Branson, MO
Heidi Blackstun, MSW, LCSW, MBA (Organization) Columbia , MO
Bill & Debbie Sheals family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Carl Burns (Individual) Columbia, MO
David A Pickerill (Individual) Ellisville, MO
Drew Klein (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Linda R Minson (Individual) Kansas City, MO
S.D. Whitlock family (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Tanya L & Gary L Crews family (Individual) BALLWIN, MO
Tom Reinbold (Individual) Springfield, MO
Columbia Bicycle Club (Organization) Columbia, MO
Scott Gregory, CPA, LLC (Organization) Roeland Park, KS
Springbike Bicycle Club (Organization) Springfield, MO
Christopher Schraw (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Curtis Bradford (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
Edwin Kraemer family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
John & Susan Mihalevich family (Individual) Springfield, MO
John M Carothers (Individual) Kansas city, MD
Joseph M Ellis (Individual) Macon, MO
Lee Portnoff (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Nicholas Kyle family (Individual) Carthage, MO
Patricia & Steve Lewis family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Retta Sutterfield (Individual) Saint Charles, MO
Rob Bartel family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Rosie & Tom Stauder family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Stephen C Del Vecchio (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
Susan Feldman family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Vance Preman Law Firm (Individual) Leawood, KS
Bern Brown (Individual) westwood, KS
Kenneth & Olive Derrington family (Individual) Camdenton, MO
Steven F Fair (Individual) Columbia, MO
The Hub (Organization) Webster Groves, MO
A & M Bicycle (Organization) Saint Louis, MO
ChameleonJohn Coupons (Organization)
Heartland Combined Federal Campaign (Organization) Kansas City, MO (Organization) Jefferson City, MO
Peerbolte Creative, LLC (Organization) Warrensburg, MO
RedFin (Organization) Jefferson County, MO
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. (Organization) Indianapolis, IN
State Farm Companies Foundation (Organization) Princeton, NJ
Walt's Bike Shop (Organization) Columbia, MO
William A Kerr Foundation (Organization) Saint Louis, MO
Arlue & Michael Briggs family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Arthur Gough (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Barb & David Curtis family (Individual) Warrensburg, MO
Bill Kimmell (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Brad Witte (Individual) Creve Coeur, MO
Cary Summers (Individual) Rogersville, MO
Caryn Giarratano (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Chakrapol Lattanand (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Charles & Jan Swaney family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Cheryl & Richard Schrenker family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Cheryl Mesnier (Individual) St Louis, MO
Cheryl Ricke & Don Grodecki family (Individual) Lake Quivira, KS
Cliff Jacobs (Individual) Springfield, MO
Dave Gale family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
David Kovacs (Individual) Columbia, MO
David Smith (Individual) Marion, IL
Dawnata and Kenneth Hopkins family (Individual) Monett, MO
Debra Sue Wood & Darren Brungardt family (Individual) Raytown, MO
Delmar Wipf (Individual) Springfield, MO
Donald R & Joyce Harter family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Doris Pree (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Dustin Urban (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Elizabeth Heller (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Eric Nelson (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Gary Irwin (Individual) Tebbetts, MO
Hal Charles Ball (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Harold A & Karen Karabell family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
James & Mary Krafcik family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
James Farrell (Individual) Wildwood, MO
Jan Alexander (Individual) Wentzville, MO
Jim & Anne Jesse (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Jim & Martha Conzelman family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
John & Jackie Settlage family (Individual) Kirksville, MO
John & Laverna Meyer family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Kara Diffey & James Peacock family (Individual) Raytown, MO
Kay E Faddis (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Kenneth Zehnder (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Kite Singleton (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Kyle Baxter (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Lynn Gemeinhart (Individual) O'Fallon, MO
Maggie Gagnon & David Hutchison family (Individual) Camdenton, MO
Mark Denk (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Mary Catherine & Alex Primm family (Individual) Springfield, MO
Maurice Peve (Individual) Maryville, MO
Melinda Atkeisson (Individual) Lenexa, KS
Michael McKillip (Individual) Lenexa, KS
Mr. William Gautreaux (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Pat Jones (Individual) Williamsburg, MO
Paul C Neuenkirk Jr family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Paul Skeans (Individual) Ozark, MO
Richard & Nancy Arnoldy family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Richard Katz (Individual) Clayton, MO
Richard L Elgin (Individual) Rolla, MO
Roger Loehr (Individual) Gravois Mills, MO
Scott Miller (Individual) Gallatin, MO
Sheryl D Crawford (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Springbike Bicycle Club (Individual) Nixa, MO
Tim Verner (Individual) Parkville, MO
Timothy Oberle family (Individual) Shawnee Mission, KS
Tom & Dolores Schoeneck (Individual) Saint Joseph, MO
Tom Lieb family (Individual) Portland, MO