This page lists the Key Donors who made our 2017-18 Challenge Match possible.

These Key Donors together donated over $35,000 for the William A. Kerr Foundation Challenge, and an additional $35,000 to the Pat Jones Challenge--with the challenge to all the other MoBikeFed members and supporters: Can you match this amount?

Our annual Fund Raising Challenge brings in the core of the funding that makes our organizations financially stable and helps make our Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri a reality.

If you would like to become a Key Donor for the current year, please contact director [at] or call 816-336-2550.

Name Locationsort icon
Mark D Wittry family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Lolle Boettcher (Individual) Owensville, MO
R. Wes & JoAnn Ridgeway family (Individual) Belleville, IL
Russ Williams (Individual) Liberty, MO
Andrew Clements family (Individual) St. Jsoeph, MO
Daniel Bauer family (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
David Dyroff family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
John Schroeder (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Joseph E and Kathleen Ziha (Individual) Chesterfield, MO
Larry P OReilly (Individual) MO, MO
Marlyn Whitney family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Stephen H Rovak (Individual) SAINT LOUIS, MO
Warren A Rosenblum & Nicole Blumner family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Chrysa and Richard Niewald family (Individual) Owensville, MO
Chuck Daugherty (Individual) Jefferson city, MO
Daniel C & Linda Vinson family (Individual) Columbia, MO
David A Reiter (Individual) Casa Granda, AZ
David Brown (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Gary Ravens (Individual) Marceline, MO
Jim A & Anne M Jesse family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
John HK Sweet & John Forti family (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Margaret A Hefner & Peter Wiedenbeck family (Individual) Olivette, MO
Marilyn Hutchinson (Individual) leawood, KS
Mark Frazier (Individual) Kansas city, MO
Michael D Hennies family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Paul Mohr (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Rob Stitt (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
Robert Asperger (Individual) Springfield, MO
Robert Gresick (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Susan Feldman family (Individual) Kirkwood, MO
Ted Curtis & Barbara Bauer family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Tom & Joy Drennan family (Individual) St Louis, MO
Tom Johnson (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Bill & Debbie Sheals family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Columbia Bicycle Club (Organization) Columbia, MO
Allen and Carol Jenks family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Edwin Kraemer family (Individual) Lees Summit, MO
John L & Judith Nold family (Individual) W, MO
John M Carothers (Individual) Kansas city, MD
Kristen A Morrow family (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Lee & Claire Isselhardt family (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Paul Parker (Individual) Kirksville, MO
Robert Koester (Individual) Pinehurst, TX
Frank A. Cornella DDS, MD, PC (Organization) Springfield, MO
Heartland Combined Federal Campaign (Organization) Kansas City, MO
RBC (Organization) Minneapolis, MN
William A Kerr Foundation (Organization) Saint Louis, MO
YourCause, LLC (Organization) Carrollton, TX
Bob Denlow family (Individual) Clayton, MO
Carol A Elliott & Joe Howell family (Individual) Imperial, PA
Caryn Giarratano (Individual) Jefferson City, MO
Chakrapol Lattanand (Individual) St. Louis, MO
Cheryl Ricke & Don Grodecki family (Individual) Lake Quivira, KS
City Cycling Tours (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Dale E Brigham & Linda Turner family (Individual) COLUMBIA, MO
Dennis Gredell (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Donald R & Joyce Harter family (Individual) Columbia, MO
Jerry Mogg (Individual) Saint Joseph, MO
Kay E Faddis (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Kenneth & Olive Derrington family (Individual) Camdenton, MO
Matthew & Therese Woody family (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Michael Kim (Individual) Ballwin, MO
Michael Bobelak (Individual) Ballwin, MO
Molly Gosnell (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Patrick Higgins (Individual) Kansas City, MO
Richard Sandler (Individual) St Louis, MO
Sara Rodney family (Individual) ST LOUIS, MO
Steve Raper (Individual) Springfield , MO
Tom Kinealy (Individual) Saint Louis, MO
Tom Lieb family (Individual) Portland, MO