May is National Bike Month! Rides and events all across Missouri

Time to get out your bike and go for a ride! May is National Bike Month. Bike to School Day is May 8th, 2019. National Bike to Work Week is May 13–19. Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17. 

May is Bike Month
May is Bike Month

Thanks to amazing support from our Missouri State legislators back in 2011, all of those days are officially recognized in the Missouri State Holiday Calendar as well. So this month is Missouri Bicycle Month, Missouri Bike to Work Week, and Missouri Bike to Work Day as well!

Many organizations, groups, and individuals across Missouri are working on National Bike Month, Bike to School, and Bike to Work events.  A small sampling:

Organizing your own Bike Month events:

Top Ten Reasons to get out and ride during National Bike Month!

 May is National Bike Month 


Encouraging people in Missouri to bicycle and walk more often is one of the four major goals in MoBikeFed's Vision for Bicycling and Walking in Missouri. Helping encourage and promote events like National Bike Month and Bike Month and Bike Week celebrations by many allied organizations across Missouri is one way we help reach that goal.

Your ongoing membership and generous financial support help turn our Vision in to reality!


Bike Month graphics courtesy League of American Bicyclists